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There are five kinds of websites on the internet, respectively, search type, Portal type, professional type, SNS type and video type, for these different types of sites should be used in different styles to design, so as to enhance the user experience of the site, the following we will come to the five different styles to do a simple introduction!

One: Simple search site

If we open Baidu, Google will be able to see what is a minimalist site, the main elements of the page is the logo, search box and navigation bar, mainly the search box as the core, users use search-type site is very simple, is to obtain the target data, the focus of attention is to find the necessary information as soon as possible, So the search site is mainly practical, think the original Yahoo's site is mainly to the model of the search box, but now it has become the model of the portal, which shows the different site positioning, the style of the page will change!

Two: A huge amount of portal type

Portal Class site information is very large, general home can reach more than 4 screen, browsing information content occupy the center of the page location, especially the homepage, in the obvious destination also added the site's navigation, advertising and a variety of selected content, Add a selection on the page is mainly to highlight the content of the moment to seize the user's eyeball! Portal Web site in the first screen of the home page has the site's navigation, advertising, as well as current affairs and so on, recommend the selection of the content of the location or have various portals have different considerations, the current several major portal sites, Sina, Sohu and Tencent basically almost, and NetEase looks like the structure of the loose, for our users to see such a page is very comfortable, too compact, although the content of a little more, after all, does not look very cool!

Third: Mature and stable professional type

Professional web site Most people's style is very mature and stable, for example, IT professional website or some laws and other information, webmaster class information site, often style is based on the generous mature light tones as the basis, the focus of academic content and related professional current affairs content in the middle of the page, and then on both sides have relevant navigation and content selection, So that people can feel from these content to the site's professionalism! This is the professional web site with the maturity of the people feel that it is worth looking for information on these sites, find the answer!

Four: SNS website communication platform

SNS website is very popular this year, happy, Thousand Oak is one of the representatives, the so-called SNS is the social networking platform, the style of these sites is not focused on the content of the site, more is to build a platform for online interpersonal relationships, can build their own space on the network, So these sites are often linked with interpersonal relationships, through the registration of their respective reality of interpersonal relationships to achieve the goal of the growth of the geometric level of the registered user!

Five: Lively video site

Video sites now are potatoes, youku, cool six, 56 the most fire, the several leading video sites and portals have similar web layout, which is also basically counted as video portal type site, home page layout has reached more than 4 screen, the general layout is about the structure of the overview, the left to recommend the main video, And even the position of the login box is similar, after all, now these video sites have just begun, with the extension of time will have different page display!

At present, the main style of the site is roughly like the five types mentioned above, of course, the same type of Web site style is roughly the same, but there will be a slight difference in the details, of course, regardless of the type of style for the open speed of the requirements are very high, if the page again beautifully, the function again strong, but open very slowly, This is also meaningless to the user! This article by the network telephone free Dozen original, A5 starts the website: http://www.dianhua.la/to pick please specify the source.

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