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Different suffix of the domain name has different meanings, now the most popular domain name categories can be divided into http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/37893.html "> International domain name and domestic domain name, The main difference between the two is that the domain name division and management agencies are different. To explain what is the international domain name, what is the domestic domain name, but also from the domain Name System. Currently on the Internet domain Name System has a total of three types of top-level domain name: Category top-level domain name, geographical top-level domain name, the new top-level domain name. The following are described separately:

The first category top-level domain name, a total of 7, which is now commonly said international domain name. Since the internet originally originated in the United States, the earliest domain names were not nationally identifiable, and people divided them into several categories by purpose. They end with a different suffix:. COM (for commercial companies);. NET (for network services);. org (for organizing associations, etc.); Gov (for government departments); Edu (for educational institutions); Mil (for the military field);. int (for international organizations). The original domain Name system is also used primarily by the United States, therefore, the United States of enterprises, institutions, government departments, such as the use of "International Domain Name", with the Internet to the development of the world,. edu,. gov,. Mil generally only by the United States, the other three types of commonly used domain names. com,. org,. NET becomes universal in the world, so this kind of domain name is usually called "International Domain Name", until now still be applied to all countries of the world.

The second category is the geographical top-level domain name, which is a total of 243 countries and regions of code, for example. CN represents China. UK on behalf of the United Kingdom (see the Global top Geographical domain name suffix). In this way. CN suffix of the domain name is correspondingly called "domestic domain name."

Similar to the suffix name of the international domain name, Under the. CN top-level domain, there are also different meanings of level two domains, mainly includes the category domain and the administrative area, this is the commonly said level two domain name: May in the. com.cn or. net.cn and so on level two domain three class domain name, three level domain name may divide into two kinds: the class domain name and the administrative division domain name.

Today, chat with friends about Domain name Protection awareness. We first look at two domain names: xiaonei.com,xiaonei.net. If you think they all point to a website, then you are wrong. Xiaonei.com is our familiar with the campus network, Xiaonei.net is another website, billion poly net. For the school net, this can not say is not a great loss, because this to a certain extent, the impact on the campus reputation, many novice also issued a bottom who is really the question of the net. And objectively shunt the users of the net. If you are in Google Blog search, enter "Xiaonei.net" you will find a lot of text-related chapters, but with xiaonei.net negative news mostly.


Registration of the domain name of the time, the main domain name surrounding the domain name together with protective registration, has been the consensus of the webmaster. But not all webmaster have good domain name protection consciousness, xiaonei.net is a typical example. Although the founder of the net built the domestic first SNS, but they do not have a good domain name protection awareness, only registered xiaonei.com, from this point, as a webmaster is very unqualified. Say a digression, dormitory old at that time almost registered the xiaonei.cn domain name, but do not know how at that time hesitated, now somewhat regret hehe

Domain name is not only the address of the site, but also a huge potential investment. As a webmaster we should not only strive to make this investment value-added, but also need to protect their own domain name. If you have a good idea, ready to seriously open a website, then your first task is to their favorite domain name for protective registration. Protective registration is divided into three levels. Register all relevant domain names, including all suffixes, possible spelling errors, domain names extended by the primary domain name. At this point, Google is a good example. Google Now registers 581 domain names, and can see the effort to protect the domain name. If you register a domain name that includes "Google" now, you will soon receive a Google lawyer letter asking you to transfer the domain name to Google, or you will face Google's lawsuit directly.

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