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Each webmaster has exchanged links, friendship links to improve the site rankings, increase the weight of the site, increase traffic has some help. Of course, everything has two sides, friendship links since there are some drawbacks. such as the network because of the chain of links tired by k off the site everywhere, but also does not affect the webmaster to the role of friendship link affirmation. So in order to make friendship links tend to the advantage rather than the drawbacks, first exchange needs to pay attention to some exchange criteria. such as weight is not lower than their own, snapshot stay time not too long, two sites have relevance and so on. Today, the author on how to exchange links to talk about their own experience.

The weight of each other's website is not lower than its own website


Links can pass the weight of two of sites between the values, this is a well-known fact. Exchange links, the first need to determine the other side of the site's weight value, here I particularly remind, look at the weight do not only see the current, at least to see the weight of more than one weeks, to avoid sometimes because of the buffer function of the query tool to get the wrong judgment. Nature for high-quality links, the first weight must not be lower than their own site, the most ideal is the weight of the equivalent or higher than the weight of their own site, of course, not too high. In fact, many webmaster think of their own site weight value or 2, think of the weight of 7, more than 8 of the site exchange links, thinking that this can quickly improve their own weight value, in fact, the author has tested, jump amplitude is too large, the lightest penalty is to cause the site snapshot stop update. As the old saying goes, chew will wear help sooner or later. Therefore, the author believes that the high quality of friendship links is not the exchange weight of the higher the better, as long as the equivalent or higher on the line, too high for the site is not helpful, of course, not less than their own site.

Second, the other site snapshots stay for less than three days


According to the search cited the snapshot is only a Web site cache page, but for the webmaster, the snapshot is to determine whether the site to search for the friendly spider is a key factor. For example, a snapshot of a Web site is the next day and a snapshot of a website is one weeks, from which can be explained that the former Spider daily crawling site, and the latter may be spiders do not regularly crawl. Natural snapshots are also one of the reference criteria for exchanging links. For valuable links, the general site snapshots do not exceed three days, because spiders crawl to the other side of the site can be the probability of crawling to your site, if the spider even the other side of the site did not crawl, where to follow the links crawling into your site it? So say, Although the snapshot in the search is only a cache page, but in the Webmaster Exchange quality links is absolutely a very important reference indicators. After all, a snapshot from time to time the new site from the surface can show that spiders are very friendly.

Third, the other side of the website content must be healthy and legal

The content is a website's life gate, is also the website soul, is the website ranking key factor. Nature in the search for the beginning of the start to deal with illegal web site content, many sites because of and have unhealthy content and be compromised. The same webmaster in the exchange of quality links, but also need to see the content, refused to link with the content of unhealthy sites for friendship links exchange. Besides, as long as you are careful, you will find that many webmaster query tools for some unhealthy sites have adopted a shield, that is, not to find the site recorded records. And in the search rankings, have unhealthy, illegal web site content is the primary punishment object, so I suggest webmaster, in the exchange of friendship links, take a moment to check the other side of the site content is healthy and legitimate, do not see the other side of the site weight high, snapshots of the new blind Exchange, Long-term stability is the fundamental factor of quality links, but also the only way to show the value of friendship links.

Four, the exchange of linked sites must be relevant

High-quality friendship links naturally inseparable from the site has relevance. and relevance in the search for the position of the ranking more and more important, like the content and the type of site, outside the chain and the content of the site, etc. will affect the ranking of the site. Therefore, in the exchange of quality friend chain, the relevance of this factor can not be ignored. And now the Webmaster Exchange links, will list a series of requirements, and relevance is one of the constant ancient unchanged factors. Relevance in the ranking through the link to promote the ranks of the list plays a very important role, such as your site is a medical type, then the exchange of health-related links than the exchange of several types of Web site type unrelated links to the role of a much greater. So, one of the most important factors in high quality links is relevance, as long as the relevance of the stronger friendship links play a role will be greater, conversely, the less relevant links not only the role of a very small, but also there will be a relatively large reverse effect, may be the search cited as the garbage link processing.

Five, the other side of the site to optimize the traces of excessive

Because of the exchange to the excessive optimization of friendship links and reduce the right to be K's website examples are countless, of course, this is beyond our control, but for the exchange of links can be controlled. As far as I know, the webmaster will check every day of their own site included, snapshots and links to the situation, then in the examination can also be the way to analyze the links in the other side of the site is optimized over, the optimization method is reasonable. To give a simple example, such as in exchange for friendship links, when the exchange of the first time, the other side of the site title to write more standardized, and now the other side of the site title frequent changes, rankings and snapshots also stalled, and even the title of a large number of keyword piling phenomenon, Nature for such links on the need for and Ming notify each other and deal with it, because the links and compromised to their own site is not a good thing. So, when exchanging quality links, need to analyze the other side of the site optimization methods and optimization progress, if the other side is the use of cheating methods to optimize the site to achieve high weight, then the author suggested that the webmaster do not take this risk, cheating optimized weight will not be long, may only stay a two weeks will always sink, The site will be compromised.

In fact, for the webmaster How to exchange the quality of the links this said, each webmaster has its own set of reference indicators, but these reference indicators are similar. The method is dead, the person is alive, we in how to exchange to the quality friendship link, need to polish their eyes, rotate their head, need to analyze some data in detail, as far as possible to avoid because of a momentary impulse caused by the chain of links tired to the site of the right to drop by K, this article is here, by help sleep pillow http:// Www.harhway.net Original starting A5, reproduced please specify, thank you!

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