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Bo hundred excellent game is almost over, remember the beginning of the game, many people say the chain to increase how much, the number of specific I do not remember. But when I hear that number, I feel that number is astronomical! A new station, no content, no link, in just 3 months time how can reach so many outside the chain?

At present, my station ranked in Baidu first, my chain is only 4,000 points, not too much is not less. I also wrote in front of the "Bo Hundred Excellent optimization of the search chain skills" article, this article by everyone's favorite, but the experience was not enough, summed up is not very full. So here I would like to share with you the increase in the chain of five ways bar!

The content of a website

1. Write an authoritative article, that is, some high-quality articles. Little woman think a good article can let search engine included, bring their own links, this is also the best method, but also the most effective way.

2. The use of figures in the title, which everyone prefers.

3. Collect some useful information, such as enumerating the good third party blog Ah, suitable for beginners SEO learning some of the forums and so on AH. This is very hard, but everyone should like your article.

4. Talk about optimizing blogging skills

5. Free of charge to provide valuable resources, free resources everyone likes.

6. The design of a suitable blog or website template, this for an outsider is still very difficult, this time to participate in the Shanhan competition is this way to get a lot of the single chain Oh, the effect is very good.

7. Write a complete "... Guide "," ebook ", such as articles, I wrote a" Bo hundred excellent ebook "This specific address in the Webmaster encyclopedia.

8. Interview industry experts, or veteran webmaster, and so on, and then write an article, this is the most original article, I have experimented several times, summed up well, put it into the blog, less than a few will be included in the search engine.

Two Find free Links

1. We can go to the relevant forum, using the signature to leave the address. Here to recommend a few of the best forum: A5 Forum, Webmaster Encyclopedia Forum, phpwind Forum ...

2. Leave a feed in the forum, after submitting your feed address, many forums can display your latest article, this I do not understand oh, did not try. A veteran has tried, you can share!

3. Go to others blog message, this everyone should be doing it.

4. Website address submitted to the category directory, a large free directory.

5. You can help some friends to analyze their station optimization, give good advice, friendship, you may make a single chain, so that both help others also help themselves, why not! This time I analyzed his station for the vase in the 51bobaiyou group. He thanked me by making me a single chain, and I thanked him.

6. The net picks the collection, this previous article said.

7. In Yahoo! Answers posted on the content (Baidu know, Tianya, and so on questions and answers).

8. Exchange of links.

Three Money to buy links

Although this is not a proposed, but it is still valid, this is not much to say.

Four own efforts

1. Write soft and Web site submission, this method of small women in use, the effect is excellent.

2. Contribute to a professional website, a big website about your theme.

3. Contribute to the press.

Five practical experience, can be summed up some concrete feasible and effective method through own practice.

Personally think that doing the above, your chain will increase a lot, and the effect is very good. Most of the above methods, I also use. This article hopes to give some help to the friends who worry about how to increase the chain all day long, hope you like it.

The author of this article sunny address: http://www.kedeng.com/archives/616 reprint please keep.

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