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First of all, what is the website user experience optimization? Ueo:user experience optimization, website user experience optimization is to put your site for the user's experience to optimize, face the user level of the site content optimization, in line with the principle of service for visitors, Improve the site features, operations, vision and other site elements, so as to obtain the favor of visitors. Through optimization to improve the flow rate of conversion.

1. Stable space and high speed Connection Achievement website First impression

The stable space of course is the website can not be a while fast, the morning can open the afternoon will not open. There is a user finally in which forum or Baidu suddenly see your site, and browsing once can not enter, then the user may consider this site has been closed, is likely to enter again, you will not have the opportunity to display content. Web Connection speed refers to the user clicks into the site to see the basic information of the site that a period of time, in general, more than 10 seconds to open the user may be closed, if your content is not so important, then users will click on other sites.

2. The content of the website conforms to the title description

A website title is how, then the user on the other site or search engine to see after will click into, and your site is written content is not the content of the title, then the user through a two-second scan after the site closed. Such examples in the SEO community is very common, especially medical websites, medical sites generally have a lot of attractive title let users click into, but after entering the discovery irrelevant. For example: How much does it cost to treat psoriasis in Beijing, but this content is written after clicking in.


This is a lot of examples, this is a completely modified title casually make an article. There are also some articles by the editors on the Internet to find some such articles, and then modify the changes, the key words, whatever changes, content Dongping West, to meet the so-called search engine original, but such an article is not readable. The article often appears the name of the hospital, experts and so on, but in fact these are not experts to write the article. The user may look at the confused and may mislead the patient. In fact, the site content is really not necessary for original and original, original is necessary, reprint is icing on the cake. This is seen in Lou's blog. In fact, this sentence is very good, to see the high weight of the news site, is their original so high? Most are reproduced, only a part of their own, but the content is realistic, users prefer to browse. Take a look at the weight of the moon blog, you do not find his article is most also reproduced it? But it is still high weight, where did it come from? That is the article is very attractive, also did not for the original and the content of the station to change.

2. Visual affinity for visitors to enjoy watching

The website is fast and stable, content is also in line with user requirements, the next step is the site's visual effects, the site's color collocation, plate layout, pictures, flash and so on so that visitors feel browsing this site is in the enjoyment, when he browsed through this page will also stay to see other content, perhaps save the URL, Wait for the next browse. And in a lot of sites, with a large advertising does not say that the window and floating, the content is almost entirely covered by ads, users are bored to death, but also mind to browse the content ah?

3. Clear navigation makes the viewer more effective

The website navigation is the user enters the website to continue to browse other content the premise, the user feels this website content is good, therefore stops to want to browse the other content, see has not liked. But without clear navigation, users don't know where to go to other channels or columns. The general head certainly has the column, then right or the left, the best in each page joins the website map, this is not only the user's map, is also the search engine's map.

4. Site search function is an essential tool

Users after browsing your content may feel good, want to find he also need other content, if the user himself through the column page search, unavoidably a little trouble, more likely is not found to leave to continue to find in other places. But if there is a search function, he only needs to search for what he wants to find, but also feel that this site to do more professional, more content, rich.

5. Links to related articles and recommended articles

When the user browses through this page, may also look for related content supplement, your website just has these content, the user does not have to go out the station, can continue to browse. Generally at the end of the article or on the right side of the article or the left side of the relevant part of the display content, user-friendly to continue browsing.

6. Interactive features give users a better understanding

If you do is the company's products, then the user looked very good after that, want to see if you can buy as soon as possible, then he may need to inquire online consulting tools, such as QQ, or will leave a message, if there is a forum will go to the Forum to send relevant advisory content. The General CMS, blog and so on with the function of the message, there is no need to close, incidentally the forum to do, so that users have a message or comments to express their views.

7. Many ways to make users feel convenient

Users browse through multiple pages of content, and then feel that you this site is very good, want to become a member to obtain some privileges or contributions, will want to register as a member. At this time registration can be convenient and convenient, user-friendly registration login, you can do a simple registration link, other information such as login to add, some business-to-business Web site in this area do very well, only need to fill out three information, user name, mailbox, password.

Article Source: Jiuquan Forum http://bbs.jiuquan.cc

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