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Website promotion content is king, only the content of readability and practicality can make the website invincible, just like our web site for a long time in Hefei, the greater value lies in the content of the valuable, a company website to do PR6, rankings and weights are very high, many keywords are the first, Alexa ranked 268,374 Position, behind these achievements is a strong content support. If a Web site is a repetitive mechanical copy of content, then talk about what user experience and promote optimization? Copy of the content why Web site optimization has never been successful? Why can't the rankings be put up? The reason is that there is no original.

Today search an article feel very familiar with, because this is I wrote last year, however, feel to be copied into false original content. Originally did not intend to write this post, but some things are also the author was compelled to do. If the Internet can not change such a disregard for copyright in the crowd, then let us expose it, some time ago, the network company of Hefei copied long site content events, and today appeared in Hefei hotline ... There are countless copies of a long time website hard to create original articles.

I have seen a lot of people like to copy other people's articles to their own site without copyright, but rarely see such a dare to change the copyright of the article to their own network company name. He reproduced is my "Hefei network company, Hefei website Construction Price Analysis", the article title to replace the "Hefei website construction Industry Outlook analysis", I left in the article in the company name tag replaced them, the author's copyright information also changed to their.

Original article Address: http://www.599net.cn/NewsList.asp?id=325

Plagiarism article address: http://web.hefei.cc/news_show.php?p=1324

below to analyze the original site and plagiarism site ranking and weight:

Baidu and Google on the original article of the site and plagiarism of the site's attitude results: original site: Hefei Long Network, Baidu a lot of keywords are ranked first or by the front, Baidu included a total of 1780, snapshot 3rd, Google included a total of 2,810, the weight is very high; Google PR6 is very good. Plagiarism site: Hefei hotline, Baidu many keyword rankings are very backward, Baidu included a total of 429, site home page is not the first, snapshot lag is September 6, the homepage was Baidu K off, the weight is very low; Google PR value of 0 unqualified.

The results show that: Search engine will pay more attention to the original content, used to copy and paste the way the content of the site has been inconsistent with the times, want to do a good job of the site rankings, you must be a large number of original, search engine also began to value original. Search engines often update their algorithm to find the copy content, so if you want to reach the site search engine level, reduce the content of replication, optimize the Web page, and content quality, want to do a good job of website optimization, you must pay attention to less copy content.

Search engine, especially Google, for each site has a credit rating, this is not PageRank, but trustrank. A new site credit rating is relatively low, these trustrank need to accumulate slowly. Then when the same content appears in two sites, high TrustRank site rankings may be higher, this may be because ranking there are other factors, if not considered other factors, then it must be too low TrustRank site. Greg Grothaus of Google's search quality team has studied this, pointing out that Google is trying to index information and display different information. As we all know, Google uses a prevention technology to filter replicated content. Google sees content as an act of aggression designed to manipulate rankings or deceive users, and to that end, Google will make appropriate adjustments to indexed content and ranking sites, a shift that is important in guiding the development of Internet stations to health.

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