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In the recent June 6, online supermarket store 1th launched the "Pentium Crazy Day" activities for the Pentium this brand's 40 products, crazy promotional day, really let consumers and the industry in front of a bright. And this promotion also to 1th stores brought gratifying results, "Pentium Crazy Day" day, 1th shop home appliances sales increased 3 times times.
It is understood that the activities of the day, consumers as long as the purchase of arbitrary products full 99 yuan can participate in the big swap, through the payment of 19.9 yuan can be swapped value of 99 yuan of the Pentium egg, or the value of 89 of the Pentium Yogurt machine and other products. In addition, the purchase of some of the designated products can also receive a value of 199 yuan Pentium water purifier one.
With the further intensification of the competition situation in the electronic commerce industry, as well as the further development of the comprehensive category pattern, the difference between the commodity cards in the business category and the logistics is getting smaller, and the main battlefield of the competition is gradually shifted to the more high-end strategic level. "Brand crazy day activities should be 1th shop to single brand support one of the largest activities, Brand is our guarantee of customer confidence, brand goods are trustworthy; ' crazy ', represents the user unexpected concessions, and ' Day ', the representative refers to activities only one day. We hope that the use of this new mode of marketing activities, so that 1th of the users in the real sense of the benefits at the same time, access to a first-class customer experience, shop 1th related to the owner of the introduction.
Consumer Zhang is the 1th shop of the old customers, borrow Pentium day to buy the size of 5 pieces of small appliances. In the line, she told reporters: "Just in time to move, want to eliminate some of the old home appliances, but also want to make up some new." This time, 1th shopkeeper push the ' Pentium ' brand is usually more reliable brand, the price is really affordable, shop 1th is also used to buy, so simply get it all at once. ”
"In addition to affordable, brand quality and platform service quality is also more assured, so buy more assured." "No. 1th Store Shanghai users," said Miss Jia told reporters.
"The brand theme day is a key part of the overall strategy of shop 1th, and its original intention and foothold are still the improvement of the customer experience," said the head of Shop No. 1th. Shop No. 1th hope that by such activities, so that consumers in the pursuit of quality, brand, but also to enjoy the benefits, feel the 1th shop commitment to customer experience to enhance the determination and intentions "

Industry insiders believe that, at this stage, the price factor in the electricity quotient, has not enough to become their winning or to seize the market weight, based on the price of customer loyalty, stickiness is more critical, it is possible for enterprises to build their own industry barriers. To create such a barrier, but also to the brand and service these two points. Similar to the "Brand theme Day" with the brand of in-depth cooperation model, better grasp the price and quality, service balance between, I believe this will be 1th stores to win more consumer favor.

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