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Pecs Hau in 2007 sold two price in 7 digits of the sky-high domain name (Tencent technology map)

Tencent Science and Technology (Dongyun) Beijing time January 2 News, in business experience, Pecs Hau (Page Howe) is not always a lucky person. But in 2007, Pecs Hau finally handed in good luck, when his company owned two domain names were acquired, the price for each domain name more than 1 million U.S. dollars.

At that time, he sold the domain name, which he bought at a price of $100,000, sold at a price of $1.8 million (1.5 million USD after deducting commission). A few months later, he sold the at a price of 1 million dollars, and it was only about one months before he got the domain name.

For the American tech blog BusinessInsider, for the first time, Pecs Hau is collecting information about the most expensive domain name ever made in the blog. The cover story of the August 2008 issue of DNJournal, the authoritative U.S. domain name industry magazine, describes Pecs Hau, describing how the failed chairman of the Internet company made the money through the domain name business.

Pecs Hau was born in 1963 in Burbank (California-based, California) and studied science in economics, political science, anthropology, sociology and other subjects at the University of Arts, Redlands, near his hometown (University of Redlands). And in tax-related courses, the ability to help him get his first job when he's out of school, a Perkins & Zures Doctor Financial Planning Company.

Pecs Hau in the company for six years and then job-hopping to work for a client of the company. While working for the doctor, he helped his research on internet stocks, looking for publicly traded companies and private companies worth investing in. Subsequently, Pecs Hau became the chairman of a small, publicly traded company, which had almost been acquired in 2000. At the time, Pecs Hau felt the deal was settled, so he bought a second house in Tennessee, but, unfortunately, eventually the deal ended in a breakup, and Pecs Hau's company collapsed. So he and his wife left California State and went to Tennessee State to buy a cheaper house when he sold his 200,000 baseball cards. In addition, he served as chief financial officer of a company.

Probably during this period, Pecs Hau began to engage in domain-related business.

"The first thing we got into this business was because we read a story about Chris Ann (Chris Ambler) who was trying to get the Internet name and digital address distribution Agency (ICANN) to approve a new. Web extension. Pecs Hau in an interview with DNJournal reporter Ron (Ron Jackson). "There was the idea that all good domain names use the. com extension, so we feel like." Web extensions can be a new opportunity. But we find that most of the names that use that extension (which was not yet approved) are already under one's control! So we think it's ideal to have an extension of our own, so that we can control all the good domain names. ”

As a result, Pecs Hau founded a domain name registration company called Basic Fusion, spent 50,000 of dollars to apply for the use of Internet name and digital address distribution agencies to buy the top domain name; but his application was not approved, and the money was lost. In the past, however, basic fusion had acquired about 4,000 domain names on its own.

A few days before Christmas, Pecs Hau a booth in a shopping mall to sell domain names to ordinary shoppers. As a result, he sold about 50 domain names, and people were persuaded to buy a URL link as a Christmas gift for family and friends, not as a traditional gift.

The domain name became available when, a network company backed by another VC, was Pecs Hau to buy the domain name. "A domain name becomes something you can stay and wait to sell, even if your strategy doesn't work." He then explained to the domain name website domainsherpa. He acquired the domain name for about 100,000 dollars and then owned it for the next five or six years.

In 2002, Pecs Hau's company sold only 20 of its 4,000 domain names, when the company had domain names such as and The following year, Pecs Hau began searching for a domain name seller in a forum called, and he sought out any domain names that people did not want, because he was trying to expand his own portfolio of domain names again at low prices.

"There might be 15 good domain names every day, and I know that 10 of them are domain names that everyone knows." Pecs Hau said to Jackson. "So I'll try to find the other 5. My advantage is that I am the expert in this business field, I will do it full-time, every day, not only rely on the computer to filter the domain name, but also personally look at the list of all the domain names. I tried to get a strong domain name at the lowest possible price, and I knew I couldn't get the best domain name because I didn't have enough money. ”

In 2007, Pecs Hau's company sold the two domain names of and, with prices reaching 7 digits, which were only 4 months apart. Although these two domain names all marked Pecs Hau achieved a great success, but he has also let some domain names gently skillfully from their fingers between the slip away. Basic Fusion once owned the domain name of, but sold it at a price of 8000 dollars. A few years later, the domain name was sold again, this time with a price of $225,000.

Pecs Hau also operates its own domain name market, which is a market for Joe domains to be a domain purchaser for ordinary people (average Joe). Pecs Hau and his company currently have about 25,000 domain names, and the revenue from selling domain names each month is between 25,000 and 50,000 dollars. In 2011, Pecs Hau received an interview with Domain Sherpa, providing a lot of advice on the name business.

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