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If your personal station monthly income Wanben to you have no meaning, about the business site planning I will write in the future, if your site income in 0-9000 yuan/month, I suggest you carefully read the full text.

Personal site of the profit is a lot of webmaster headaches, the beginning of no flow worry, there is no money to make the flow of worry, earn some money but see the future development direction more worry. In order to write this thing better, it seems to be more than two cups of coffee tonight. Today's mood is good, the company tomorrow holiday, into the duty schedule, today to receive red envelopes (holiday fee), although only a few k, but the heart is very happy, after all, can let the brain relax. Today, the company's Wang read my article, said that I write planning have to write the occupational disease, even the article is written so Pekanbaru, even point of no story, the point of view is too good I am afraid to be many personal station Webmaster pass. At that time the mouth was not mistaken, but think carefully, there is a reason, no wonder people one months dozens of k it. Oh, this is a digression. But from this beginning, I will try to avoid writing a planning book, trying to write a story book, a look at the kind of, hehe.

OK, the text begins:

In the process of most individual stations, there is actually a problem that many personal webmaster do not think clearly, is that you do the station in the end is why, if it is to show some personal things, or on the network on a home, then do not think of traffic, also do not advertise, the following text you do not look. I refer to the personal station refers to those who really want to make personal stand bigger, stronger, and finally into the commercial operation of the site, frankly speaking is a pioneering process. Well, if you belong to the latter, go on!

Want to make money, want to commercialize do not evade this question: the operation mode;

(a) whether to "interest" or "operation"

At the end of 1998, I made my first personal stand on the internet, at that time I was fascinated by literature, fascinated by the mess, also love art, nothing blind painting, so the first station name is called "Bookworm's Nest", there is no planning, no design, think what to do, at that time did not hear what web production software, is to play with Notepad, The computer teacher told me to hit the word, and then use two special brackets (<pre></pre> tag), and then to him, uploaded to the Internet, do not let me use the Chinese filename, said to use pinyin, at that time do not understand, do not want to, You just want to send your stuff up. Web Site A large string, I write down the manuscript, slowly line, not a waste.

Probably after six months of appearance, that is, 1999, their long skills, the HTML is familiar, also know that the simple picture processing, so I put "my literature" into a number of blocks, estimated at least 7, 8 categories of it, the picture will not be categorized, simply no points, see the internet has a good picture to save, and then spread up. Later added his favorite TV series, stars and so on.

In this way, my site has been visited, and more and more people, not through the counter to see someone sent me to send a letter to the school.

You said, my site has operational prospects? No!

There will not be two identical leaves in the world, if your site embodies all your personality, embodies all your hobbies, then he will only have a loyal visitors, is your own, so, if you want to let the site have a higher flow, then, you must give up their own part, or even all the "interest."

Your station is for others to see, not yourself, you have to consider not yourself, but you draw up the crowd. This is called "positioning" in advertising, in the management of the "project". In other words, before making a start, you must be clear to whom your site is to visit, the overall size of the population, and the number of similar sites, whether there is a "Big Mac" type of competitors. By analyzing, select people you know relatively well or relatively easily. Well, then go and analyze their needs, not pat the head, ask, talk. With this understanding, you can do it.

Take my first station, no matter how I subdivide the category of literature, you want to professional literature is certainly not come, I a student's level they do not see; You think and I like the students to come, wrong, not every student and love to write a painting, I like the stars even their most annoying, so can become my site loyal visitors to the crowd is too small, and such a small crowd consumption ability? We all went to school, needless to say, so, such a station can not be profitable.

Positioning is a skill, not to say casually find a group and then engage in a so-called professional station on the Bob, a want to commercialization of the personal station, I think his positioning should conform to the following characteristics:

1. The people you choose should be familiar or easy to understand.

2. The choice of the crowd should have originality, if touch the site positioning in the "Literary enthusiasts" "Computer enthusiasts" "Art enthusiasts" such groups, is not positioned. Because the opponent is strong and weak, the success of the hope is slim, try to use the following positioning: "Not familiar with the network of literary enthusiasts", "not Beautiful Girl", "just out of the school's workaholic", "Lefty white-collar" ... This positioning allows your site to avoid many opponents.

3. Positioning to be extensible. When your site expands, you should be able to give reasonable reasons to extend the original positioning concept. Because you can't go for millions of users from the start, your position is best to expand to this number or even more.

4. The consumption capacity of the target population. Don't say you're not going to sell to them online, your advertisers will care, and your future investors will care.

5. The target group presents an upward trend, at least it should be a stable trend, otherwise, the target group of the reduction of your site will also be closed.

6. Find the location error immediately terminate the site development or promotion process, rather than by other means to make up.

(ii) The choice of the initial profit mode of the personal site

Profit model, plainly is what to make money. Before I say this, I want to talk about the change of the internet in China first. I divide China's internet into three eras (purely personal):

1 Information tool times

2 Media Age

3 Internet social Times

Information Tools era Network just as a tool for information exchange, nothing to say, pass.

Media age (2000 ago), I emphasized. If you start the Internet in 1988 years or even earlier, you should know a very popular word "surfing", do not think it is cool, the taste is not good, listen to the voice of the kitten, think of the rise of the telephone fee, endure the routong of the Internet. The purpose of the Internet is very clear, to find the information needed, to see a hurry to save to the local, too late to see Ah, short-term after the local look, find enough, and then dial .... This has made it impossible for us to enjoy Web services that require a long time online.

At the time, Internet technology was dominated by html,cgi, which decided that the network could not provide too rich content.

It is these two points that determine the network of this period is pure media, release information, disseminate information, it is difficult to have more services. And the characteristics of the media, the study of communication friends should know, is the eye of the economy, there are eyeballs have everything, and advertising is the media's food and clothing parents. So, you can see, at that time do E-commerce, do free space, do software download sites are not too big development, the fastest development is news class and information type site, and then these sites to the comprehensive progress, made a very Chinese noun "portal". In fact, in English, the Portal is "Bridge page", Bridges page, that is, others through your site to link to other sites, search for the information needed. In China, the word "portal" has been dubbed with so many meanings that it has become an obvious feature of the Internet media age.

The development of the Internet to make network media gradually strong up, network advertising by more people recognized, this period, good at advertising, a large number of advertising sites survived, developed, and refused to advertise the station many disappeared, or was acquired. China's first group of internet elites appeared in this era.

The age of Internet Society (since 2000). The convenience of Internet access, the popularization of network technology, make "surfing" a history, provide the need for long-term online network services become possible, with a strong background program, can be presented in the customer care end of things more and more rich, the opening of online banking, the rise of third-party payment platform, so that the network beyond the media and into a social era

What about the Internet in this era? For example, if you live in a city full of TV stations, newspapers, radio stations, no restaurants, no stadiums, no buses, no public toilets ... What will happen to your life? The vicious competition between the media makes advertising fill your life, because there is no other industry, media advertising content or media ...

This is our internet today, the idea of our webmaster is always confined to "what kind of media", and never consider whether you can "open a restaurant" to see, Chen Tianqiao saw the opportunity, do not do the media, entertainment, with the online game "legend" wrote his career legend, 8.8 billion of the value of the peer to impress, If it was 2000 years ago, who would have thought that a game would be holding "Sina"? Chen told China's network peers, in addition to doing media, the network can also play games.

However, what do tens of thousands of Chinese personal owners tell us? In addition to doing the media is not to do the site. Do the website is to do the media, profit is advertising, network society is in addition to the media even public toilets are not the society.

The pace of development of the network beyond our imagination, now is 2006 years, I am not sure whether the words will be outdated tomorrow, whether it will let people say that my thoughts are too old, but I would like to say that the internet is really different from the past.

In front of such a social internet, how to choose the Profit mode of personal site? Or what kind of profit model is more suitable for personal webmaster. I think it is difficult to have a standard answer, but a bit is certain, you have missed the media age network, and can never use the law of that era to start a business. I provide the following model for your reference:

Media advertising mode: Read the former friends may want to say, you do not disapprove of ads, why in the profit model to explain the first to take out the ads. Because this is a kind of have saved the Chinese Internet mode, is now the most common mode, is also a lot of webmaster favorite mode, so I can not be avoided. If you decide to adopt this mode, see the text below.

The characteristics of the media determine that this model is based on a huge flow, and that traffic must be for the purpose of obtaining information flow, otherwise, it is likely to be invalid traffic. Such examples are many: like to provide free space, send prizes, free text messages and so on to attract traffic, we can see a few webmaster success. In addition, the use of search engine cheating, manufacturing search garbage, abnormal use of viral marketing (such as QQ mass, spam, etc.), the resulting flow is also invalid traffic. Does invalid traffic bring advertising revenue? Many webmaster think it is possible, so there will be many people tirelessly to do so. I said this kind of traffic can bring a short income, but bring no ads, do not believe you do a such a garbage site out, and then see who is looking for you to advertise. No one to find you, then you go to other people can, as not, the real advertisers will not be on your site, unless--"AD league"

Yes, the "Ad league", the Geek born in the Internet media age, ruined many good sites. In particular, the 2005 Domestic Herd Advertising Alliance, I detest this. 2005 is the golden season of online advertising, the increase in broadband users, CNNIC's survey results have stimulated the nerves of advertisers, a large number of ads to the domestic one of the few large portal stations, on the specific content, we look at the Sina earnings, Tom interviewed on the understanding. But at the same time, these portals are facing an embarrassing, shame on the secret of the accused, advertising low clicks, bad advertising, network advertising in China can be said to be notorious, but the network company will not give up to the customers, how to solve this problem? Is the diversion, that is, through the appropriate means of these ads through the mandatory display (pop-up, large banner, floating, etc.) to the personal site, such a way is not enough to solve the problem, put down the line, put the agent, so there is a large number of alliances.

And 2005 and a landscape is the major stations vowed to reform the advertising, on the one hand, improve the advertising goodwill, on the other hand the rubbish to the individual station tilt, I have no language.

The publicity of these alliances has largely misled the individual sites, and one day less than 1000 per cent of individual stations are not fresh, and I even think that this use of small profits to induce immature personal sites is simply like a robber. In the forum of these alliances, the so-called successful person's personal opinion, the slogan that supports individual station to start a business is blinded by too many people, so that "unto, also apply to person". Today by netizens hate 3721 Internet Assistant, * * Search bar,** toolbar, in these rogue software promotion, individual stationmaster all played the important role. The history of the Internet will record this scene, the league that blinds the personal webmaster will eventually pay for integrity.

I say these are mainly to let personal webmaster recognize, in the end what is the real advertising model, because the network ads in a lot of webmaster's eyesight is "Alliance Code" "Advertising for Rent", you go to a few big portals to see it, 2005 nearly all major stations have set up a marketing center, specialized in advertising business, including planning, Production, release. and the real professional network advertising agents, many personal stations I am afraid that even have not heard, because they do not and unknown small station cooperation. The domestic 4 A-level advertising company General operating network advertising agent, but which individual stationmaster and they contacted? We are releasing rubbish that others don't want, and we are being taught short-sighted, speculative ideas.

The real advertising model should be the site and enterprise customers of the common process, and to use this model, if your site to become the media. How much flow can become a network media, I give you a reference:

Local network media: daily visits not less than 100,000 IP, which directly to obtain information for the purpose of accounting for more than 70%;

Professional network media: daily visits not less than 50,000 IP, which directly to obtain information for the purpose of accounting for more than 90%;

Mass network media: daily visits not less than 500,000 IP, which directly to obtain information for the purpose of more than half;

Personal site to achieve this traffic is difficult

First, the lack of funds, compared to the current climate has become a network of media and professional investment companies operating the site, personal webmaster investment can be negligible;

Second, the lack of technology and manpower. Because the media station to solicit visitors for free information, this feature determines that such a site will face a huge update task, a day to update thousands of information are counted. This, for personal webmaster is a serious pressure, to insist it is not easy.

Third, the model is relatively mature, the main areas are strong competitors. Do comprehensive portal, think you want to and Sohu, Sina, netease competition, do it, avoid and pole, enet conflict ... You need enough courage and wisdom to grab a place from them.

For these reasons, I put forward in the second article, does not advocate the individual to walk the advertising model, not to say completely not, is because today's internet has undergone profound changes, advertising is not the only mode, nor is the best model. Of course, if you read the above text, you still have the courage and perseverance to do media station, then I admire you, and put forward the following suggestions:

1. The media needs eyeballs, and the way to attract eyeballs is not only to advertise and cheat everywhere, but good ideas will make you more effective. Look at the foreign million lattice home page of creativity, as well as domestic Qihoo, may give you some inspiration.

2. Do not dream of "people have no I have" information, the previous years often heard Sohu and Sina for the press release of the case, all said that they are the first to release such information, but now you can still hear similar news? The development of the media has led to an equal opportunity for everyone to access information, and what you can do is personalize and combine the information. You can refer to NetEase's news channel reform, anonymous comments and in-depth reports to make NetEase news channel "human source rolling."

3. In the promotion can be sensational, but do not tell lies, do deceptive things, the audience can be entertained, but can not be fooled, when you scold "sister Furong", "Rogue Yan", please consider their business value, if you can find similar people or things, your site promotion process will be beyond imagination. On the contrary, if your advertisement says that the site does not have, then you will forever lose the deceived visitor.

4. Can be promoted by means of technology, but not cheating. On the promotion of technology, I will talk about later, and outdated in such a large number of high, open-minded to ask can be less trouble.

5. Ready to run, at least a bike, sitting at home waiting for advertisers.

Non-advertising operations

I said before that the Internet has become a society, and increasingly become a society, the community can not only media, and can not only play, so the site's profit model is not limited to this. and the mode of choice is too much, for a while did not know how to write, then, I will choose several to say, I believe that the webmaster will be based on personal situation to create a better model.

Industry consultant type: In the rising upsurge of enterprise surfing the Internet, in fact, most of the company's site is in the state of cosmetic, site construction routines, and maintenance is often also by a number of small construction stations to do, generally only technical maintenance, the annual cost range of 2000-10000. If you can study a certain industry, perhaps you are familiar with the industry, then try to explore the industry's corporate site maintenance and propaganda ideas, accumulate a certain amount of information. Then of course is to develop a set of consultant-oriented site procedures. (If you are not able to find help, do not try to go to the source site search, I said the model is mostly not done by others)

The basic functions of the site are as follows: Enterprise users can transfer the same maintenance costs to you, and enjoy more professional services. Through your system, he can easily query through your collation and analysis of the site traffic data, and get more useful tips. Through the communication system, he can ask questions about the site and get answers. You can collect information about the industry in bulk and publish it in each of the corporate sites you maintain, allowing your customers to feel that their site is updated at all times. Collect any messages from visitors at your customer site and notify your customers by e-mail or phone.

Potential competition: Now the majority of companies to build stations are small and medium-sized companies, and most only eat technical rice, the industry does not understand, do not study. If you do not have the confidence to compete with them, the Wxunion advised you to continue to study in the outdated.

Site extensions: In the maintenance of the industry site, you will get a lot of first-hand industry information, after 1-2 years of accumulation, you not only have the customer resources, but also have the customer needs of resources, so your station can be no longer limited to the industry site consultants, but can become industry consultants, You can provide consultancy services to companies in the industry by analyzing the industry's public information on the Internet.

Site Investment: space corn each one, concise and easy to use the Consultant class program, a getaway bike, a number of cards.

The point of persuasion: for many businesses, their attention to the site is not high, in addition to the one-time investment in the station, the maintenance of a small investment, so this money to everyone is to give, convinced that you can from the industry perspective of the advisory maintenance, and that through your system he will gain more benefits.

Entity Service type: TV programs can contain food and clothing to live with the line, but you can not go to the TV station to eat, to buy clothes, the network is the same, network media does not provide entity services. Although E-commerce service providers launched a powerful Consumer-to-consumer model, the business model trading platform, but not everyone is willing to spend time to complete the cumbersome registration and certification process, and not everyone is accustomed to the rigid trading platform to buy. In particular, some local specialties or personalized products, such as handicrafts, art works, souvenirs and other tourist areas, a local-style online trading platform will be more attractive.

Operating points: Do not seek the most flow, to win customers is the most important. It is best to choose the delivery company that can deliver the payment, so that it does not require the registration of the customer and allows buyers to avoid concerns.

TIPS: In the absence of sufficient funds to register E-commerce companies, you'd better go to the business sector to transact a self-employed business license, is the kind of stall use, the cost of about 100 yuan, monthly tax on turnover, turnover is their own newspaper, as far as possible less newspaper it, hehe. So even if someone checks you, you just say "I do propaganda through the Internet, sell or sell under the net." "They have no way, the domestic e-commerce has no strict rules and standards, I checked the law, do it at ease."

Site expansion: Regional and even National special Commodity (service) trading platform. As for the choice of Consumer-to-consumer mode or mode, or business-to-business mode depends on your decision.

Investment Analysis: The General press release system (do not use the mall procedure), the design embodies the regional characteristics, the main selection of foreign provinces and cities to promote regional sites, especially the local portal opened the forum, but do not directly send sales advertising, writing or extracts from the local newspaper some regional characteristics of the introductory articles, Arouse the reader's interest in the items you sell. Do not expect to have a large number of visits from the beginning, because as long as you have a customer, your income is equivalent to more than 100 of the advertising clicks. Your 100 visitors and media sites are fundamentally different.

Paid Information Service type: This model can also say a lot of, but there are already many people see the prospect of this model. such as online pay movies, a variety of SMS services, paid software downloads. In fact, these are only paid information services, the tip of the iceberg, this area can do too much, and scalability is too strong, if you choose the correct positioning, coupled with appropriate publicity skills, a day to visit around 3000IP station can bring nearly million yuan/month income.

Specific areas I do not write, leaving friends to think, afraid of my thoughts limit everyone's thinking, moving the brain, thinking directly in the reply to say, we discuss.

Virtual Workbench Mode: This is also my current want to try the model, temporarily reserved, not stingy, mainly I have not thought too clearly, there is no complete thinking.

In fact, a social network, small investment, less competition, the expansion of a strong model are suitable for individual webmaster selection, wxunion personal energy or mental abilities can not be one by one for everyone to enumerate, issued these models only for everyone to mention a train of thought, the wrong place please forgive.

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