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In 07, the day of personal webmaster more and more sad, Taobao did not, ebay has not, Google cut prices, traffic is more and more worthless 、、、、、、

Therefore, personal webmaster want to survive on the Internet, must find ways to make money. Among them, by the space domain name purchaser turns to become the space domain name agent individual stationmaster is more numerous. (I'm one of them)

The same 1200 m space, in the new net directly purchased 600 Yuan/year, agent price of 250 yuan/year, sell out 350 yuan, can earn 100 yuan, than do the station, do the flow, do the union much better. Moreover, why the same space, the same after-sales service, in the new net directly sell can sell 600 yuan, why do I 350 yuan sell do not go out? However, these are theoretically, you go to the outdated, webmaster online to see how many people now 1G of space sold to 100 Yuan 、、、、、

To show you a data, China's famous space domain name business new network in Guangzhou, more than 1000 agents. As a weak personal webmaster agent, if in a large number of space domain name agents in the rise?

A space domain name agent's predecessor gave me a advice to do business on the Internet, the most difficult is to build the trust of both sides, as long as you can build trust with customers, the business is not a problem.

A very typical example is the ADMIN5 webmaster graph, graph in the Webmaster Circle, has been doing good good role, under normal circumstances, personal webmaster encounter what problems Yaotu Wang Help, as long as he can and demand is not too much, will not refuse. Therefore, the figure King, in the personal webmaster circle inside, became a can trust brand. ADMIN5 development of the Million network space domain name Agent activities, Nature has become a webmaster registered domain name and want to buy space in the first choice.

I am the agent of the new network space domain name, and, the main target customers are enterprises, while taking into account the need to help enterprises to build stations to buy more stable space and after-sales service personal webmaster.

My practice is, no matter who registered in the site domain name, to his new network the highest domain name management password (Paycenter inside), if he wants to transfer to other new network agents or into the new network self-management, you can operate at any time, do not pass me. With an open mind, to do this agent.

Look forward to, tomorrow will be better! Internet, there must be my blue sky!
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