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Demand and supply will always be complementary, when people are no longer for the food and clothing, sleep, entertainment, leisure services will inevitably go hand in hand; when the streets are walking the dog, full of Weibo are meow stars, full of the world All over the world are cats, dogs, rats, pigs, fish, turtles and humans, share pet fun issues, exchange ideas with fellow owners and other pet sites also come in the wind.

In recent years, the gradual popularity of the Internet, social networking forums, community forums, portals and other information sharing, etc., greatly promoted the people "know the world without leaving home" access to the way; Trance full of the world are pet situation , Pet websites will also be pushed to the cusp of development. For now, the major problems facing the construction of pet websites are the rejuvenation of user groups and the good investment of users in order to gain a place in the rapidly iterating Internet industry.

Pet website construction: young user preferences is the key

Internet itself is a young industry, and the people are familiar with the network, the era of the use of the network is approaching, but no matter what happens in the future, after all, can not change the status quo of the Internet, so when the user base to rejuvenate the younger Young people can.

In addition, many people used to pet more for companionship, especially dogs and cats, alias mostly "mate"; but now pets are nothing less than meet the following three points: show off the rich, entertainment, where interest, mostly "Son, daughter, or other humanized nickname."

The core user group for pet website construction lies in "hobby" feeders. However, we must never abandon the show of wealth and entertainment because it is not only a huge user market but also a not bad money user group.

So, what are the preferences of these relatively young pet user groups? What are the core interests of users? What is the value of hyun-rich users?

Love mastiff network: a well-known Tibetan Mastiff website user building case

When analyzing the preferences of pet user groups, the main points to consider are: the information that users want to get on the website, the information that users can obtain additionally and the satisfaction, that is to give users more value to the users while they need it .

The two requirements, the former we claim that users can get the most basic needs, for example, to love mastiff network mostly for Tibetan mastiff transactions; the latter we can be compared to the " Shopping comes with a small gift, "but its value is far greater than the small gifts, the user to ai mastiff network to do Tibetan Mastiff trade can get more Tibetan Mastiff breeding information, the latest news, the most real farming experience, so a To meet the basic needs of users at the same time, additional users to give more valuable information on the formation of the site. In addition, the second demand we mentioned "satisfaction", here mainly for "show off the rich, entertainment," the main user to give professional packaging and promotion needs of the love mastiff network, set of online transactions, user experience exchange In one, and help users to package the image of Mastiff Park, promote Mastiff Park, which in virtually also increased the value of the site.

Give the user additional site value, even more need to pay attention to user preferences. For example, the user bought a luxury brand of clothes, you send a make-up of the brand scarf, the user naturally happy, but if you sent a stall, must also descend the bar, this is the reason for the pet's website content The construction is also the same.

Or to love mastiff network as an example:

The first thing that comes to mind in the content of the website is that the "Mastiff must read" covers the Tibetan mastiff's living environment and various health problems. The type of Tibetan Mastiff introduced in the bulletin board king and young mastiff star catches the user's Tibetan mastiff species awareness needs ...

Neither the subject matter nor the incidental content, the corresponding user needs in the construction of the website is always the highlight of the construction of the website, but we also need a lot of exploration about the likes of the younger user groups.

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