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June 16, the 60th session of the International Creative Festival in Cannes (Cannes Lions 2013) kicked off, the world's top advertising, creative, media gathered in Cannes, France for a week of exchange activities. At the same time, the "Cannes Charm China Week", launched by the China Advertising Association and the organizing Committee of Cannes International Creative Festival, was also held at the Esterel Theatre in Cannes, where Phoenix CEO Liu Yan, vice President Ling was invited to attend and shared Phoenix practical experience in the field of "native advertising". Cannes International Creative Festival, formerly "Cannes International Advertising Festival", known as "advertising industry Oscar" reputation. Since 2011, the organizers have been positioning the festival in Cannes from the "International Advertising Festival" to the "International Creative Festival", from the past advertising event to allow any form of creative dissemination of the results of the display platform transformation. Over the past five years, advertising and communications companies from China have begun to emerge from the International Creative Festival in Cannes, winning 2 grand prizes and nearly 20 Cannes creative gold lions, sparking global advertising and marketing creative people's attention. The Cannes International Creative Festival joins hands with the Chinese Advertising Association to launch the new "Cannes Charm China Week" event, with the International Creative Festival in Cannes, the same time launched, this is the Chinese Advertising Association and the Cannes International Creative Festival Organizing Committee cooperation over the years the largest, the highest specifications of an exchange exhibition, to "China Day" Day) "is the first time in the history of the International Creative Festival in Cannes. In the Chinese Day Theme forum, the advertising elites from China show their creativity, ideas, thinking, and even the great environment of the whole Chinese advertising market to the global advertisers. Phoenix CEO Liu Yan invited to participate in the "digital video to tell the brand," the theme of the dialogue, brought to the Chinese Internet advertising industry's latest ideas and thinking. Phoenix CEO Liu Yan at the Cannes International Creative Festival Forum site The Internet has become the second largest media platform, a large number of brand advertising to shift the focus of marketing to the Internet, so that more high-quality content and outstanding ideas stand out. Liu Yan that the future of brand marketing, the production of excellent content and commercial interests of the pursuit of good combination, with the enthusiasm of consumers, arouse the creator's passion. "Only the better integration of advertising into the media environment, in order to allow users to get a better experience, and let the corporate brand to get a good show, while helping the media platform to obtain benefits"-Phoenix in recent years launched the "Phoenix Impact" concept is issued from this. In the process of communication with customers, Phoenix found that the demand for influential content marketing is gradually rising, the response is "very positive", the emergence and amplification of the demand, and focus on the Internet effect of marketing needs in parallel, played a very good complementary role. "The media's core competitiveness and value lies in its influence, Phoenix as the mass media, the greatest value in addition to content and brand, is the user, we cover the most consumption of China's 300 million mainstream consumer population," Liu Yan said, "We will be integrated into the user's reading environment, while safeguarding the user experience, in a precise manner to provide valuable information to the user, and the customer's brand ads cleverly placed in it, and the user reached the heart of empathy, so that advertisers maximize the marketing value-this is ' The original advertisement ' idea in the Chinese internet media's best landing, Phoenix after many years of practice and accumulation, will usher in the Phoenix influence the full-scale eruption, we hope to have more partners together, provides the high quality content for the user, the good experience, simultaneously obtains the commercial success. ”
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