Players buy less because they want less games

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The question has been raised in many different forms, and the answer to the question is varied. Some think this is because these users spent a lot of money this year to buy their new host and get a lot of games. Some think it is because there are not too many games on the market to choose from. Others think it is because the game has been released to achieve excellent game standards and not much.

These answers all make sense, but I have another view: players buy less because they want fewer games.

Many of today's writings-such as "Destiny" (Destiny), "Grand Theft Auto 5" and "My World" (Minecraft)-are equipped with online models and hundreds of-hour game configurations, and are updated continuously. Of course, there have been games of this type in the past, but in FIFA or call of Duty, it takes only about 20 minutes for players to finish a game or a task, and these new games require people to spend more time.

So what's surprising about the next time they think twice about evolve when they buy a similar type of game like evolution, when they haven't been able to do a surprise raid on destiny for a whole night???

It sounds like my idea is that players need fewer games than they really are. But if all the big publishers are making the 1000-hour game, it's not surprising that the number of hardcore players waiting to buy the next masterpiece becomes even less.

In this delicate phase of the PS4 and Xbox One life cycle, the unavoidable thing to do is to attract more different types of players. What I'm talking about is not the group of users who love the Wii, but the intermediate groups between the two, with the term "core player" in the mobile gaming industry.

The creators of smartphone games are doing very well at this stage to attract users of this group, a game like tribal warfare (Clash of Clans) that is more high-end than the "Candy Smash Saga" (Candy Crush Saga), but unlike the Spy War crisis (Watch Dogs) so deep.

Host-domain games also need to be further in this market. "Guitar Hero" (Guitar Hero) and "Rock Band" will be released by the new work is expected (these two have become a public secret in the industry). And that's where the host platform can play, and what players want is a game that doesn't cost them hundreds of hours to play, and can be involved with other people instead of just sitting around waving their hands.

This is an extremely critical battleground in today's gaming market. This is not intended for casual gamers (the mobile gaming market is seamless in this respect), nor is it to control the hearts of hardcore players (Steam, Xbox Line, and PSN have seized on this group of users), competing for a bunch of hardcore players sandwiched between the two types of users.

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