Private-equity champions rely on insider trading. Violet Stone Chairman Chao at large for several months

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2011, Sunshine Private Equity "purple stone Period" 35.98% of the year's high yield once stunning the entire fund industry, as the private equity manager of Shanghai Purple Stone Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "purple stone Investment"), the chairman of the Chao was what the scenery.  However, now Chao or has become the Sun private equity in the fugitive "first person."  According to the "First Financial (micro-blog) daily" from the relevant channels to learn the exclusive, Chao in the second half of last year by the SFC investigation, this March has been monitored, is currently at large, the reasons for the involved is not clear. On the run for months or for insider trading. "The SFC began investigating him last year and found that his management of product transactions and a public offering fund company is highly coincident, suspected insider trading."  "A person familiar with the matter told the reporter that Chao has been stranded in the United States for several months, and his wife for a brokerage sales staff, has been police investigation, or suspected of involvement.  and a private equity official also said that the matter has been in the circle for some time, many people have been informed of the news. Reporters yesterday tried to contact Chao himself, his phone has been in the closed state.  and Dengjing Investment Market director of the telephone, also always in no answer to the state. The sunshine private sector, which has been downwind and free of regulation, has been increasingly concerned by regulators in recent years.  Last December, the Securities and Futures Commission reported several cases of illegal violations, the first time involving sunshine private equity market manipulation of events.  Performance Flash customer shout "injured" once unknown Chao because of its last year's management of products "purple stone" a remarkable performance of the rise, to the potential of the dark horse aroused outside concern. Data show that "purple stone phase" was formally established on January 1, 2011, the scale of 150 million yuan.  Expired in December 2011. In the first half of 2011, Chao Management of the "purple stone phase" to 43.48% of the yield ranked all the sunshine private products first, but also the fund industry-wide champions.  Throughout the year, the product also accounted for 35.98% of the yield of structured product performance header position. and taste the sweetness, Chao again, continue to the identity of the investment manager in the second half of last year, "Purple Stone Beyond" and "purple stone surplus" two products, but the trend is suddenly apparent, the performance of the same, the largest decline of more than 30%, far behind the industry average level.  On the site of the Purple Stone Investment, "purple stone Beyond" and "purple stone surplus" updated to June 22 the net Product unit value of 0.7459 yuan and 0.705 yuan respectively. "Performance plummeted, investors also disappeared, have customers come to make a few times."  "Shanghai, a brokerage business people to reporters, Chao management products due to the performance of the first half of last year, so the second half of the two products are sold, the company sales total for its several billion products." Industry insiders reflect that in the private sector, the performance of the short-lived managers abound. The new value of Guangzhou, which ranked first in 2009 years, was hit "Waterloo" in 2009, private placementShin, the champion of the broad management of its products, by the end of June last year, the vast majority of products, the average loss margin of more than 20%.  In 2010, the Chang-shan in charge of "WorldCom 1" to create a 96.16% yield of the outstanding results, successfully boarded the private "one elder brother" throne, but its products since last year, the entire line of loss, heavy losses.  Investors Chao identity fog heavily according to the reporter understand, in the purple Stone investment, before Chao body and chairman of the company, executive Director, investment director, such as multiple posts, but yesterday, the investment website of Purple Stone research team introduced the page shows "Waiting for updates." According to media reports, Chao was born in 1978, Tianjin University, a Bachelor of Computer, opened in 1998, good at using computers to build software models, to carry out quantitative investment.  2004 with 300,000 Yuan principal in the stock market to obtain hundreds of times times return, and in 2007 set up the Purple stone investment, registered capital of 12 million yuan, and in the end of 2010 issued the first Sunshine private products.  However, the reporter obtained information from the relevant channels, Chao only for senior high school education, its external claims that the authenticity of personal information is doubtful. (First financial daily)
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