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I am a private hospital network promotion Commissioner, non-network trained, with friends and A5 master (often to A5, basically every day come over AH), for network promotion, has its own experience.

Over the past few months, the experience in the network is a lot of emotion! After several ups and downs, now maintain the website (Hefei Modern Gynecology Hospital) from the beginning of the collection is very little to now, the quantity should say make certain progress! Many netizens have consulted me about this question: Is there any shortcut to go? here, Can be very certain to tell you: The network without shortcuts, to make progress in the network, we must go down! Share the promotion experience below:

Homepage title, description, Content introduction is very important! Many of the brothers who do SEO have talked about this in their promotional experiences! The title does not need too much, highlighting several aspects of the characteristics: the company name (also has the experts recommend in the optimization can not write this content), the main business (recommended words not too long) such as keywords " How to do SEO can be described as "SEO" Can! Do optimization, first from the short keyword, have experience and then consider the long tail keyword!

Another piece of more important is the structure of the site itself, technical level, the cliché of a topic is: the static and dynamic state of the site, search engines are more inclined to static! Engine Spider crawl the path of the website for example, there is a room for the storage of items used, for the dynamic, the room is empty! When calling a database , you must also have to call deeper data! Spiders crawl when the first is into the empty room, and then will follow the path to find the things to store elsewhere! For static, the room can find the data to be retrieved! The spider crawls without needing to call deeper data! Search engine principle is the least effort to find the content and data! Which is more convenient and quicker?


The above is my experience, not to mention the skills, just to share, hope the beholder! Even if only a little 211.html "> Feel can learn from and reference, also very happy!"

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