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The hiring industry has been changing over the past year. 51job, Zhaopin These internet-recruiting companies are becoming "traditional recruiting sites" in the eyes of internet people, while start-ups from the Internet are opening new opportunities. Whether it is the recruitment network of service headhunting, hunting the internet, or to replace the Headhunter's pull-hook network, internal push network, etc., the Internet in different ways to try to recruit this industry update.

and online recruitment is one of the vertical, which is perpendicular to the entire Internet industry pull hook Network, internal push network, but also gradually focused on the Internet start-up companies, and even subdivide the job of the internal network, quick resume and so on. Most of their logic is similar: vertical to the Internet in this segment of the industry, and then use relatively sophisticated services to enhance the value-added products, the purpose is to replace the industry in the low-end position of headhunting.

Pull online line in May 2013, is also a vertical recruitment site to develop a faster one. Born on the Internet and against the Internet, as of the end of June, pull the number of resumes online biography reached about 250,000, and the total amount of delivery has been close to 3 million. Pioneering state recently interviewed pull Hook Net Chairman Xu, talk about his heart vertical recruitment.

Three-month internet version of LinkedIn

The birth of Pull hook net and 3W coffee have a lot of relationship. The 3W coffee, which opened in 2011, is an online gathering place for Internet people, as its slogan says "This is the circle of the Internet". And in the circle, there is a natural flow of aggregation. As the flow of people grew larger, several people began to think about recruiting.

Like Pull Hook network, the same type of vertical recruitment sites are mostly online in 2013, Xu only this situation is due to the industry's opportunity: when the industry itself to a certain level of development, based on the breakdown of the industry related services will gradually improve. In the Internet industry, for example, in the three years of operating 3W coffee, the number of emerging internet companies and practitioners is increasing rapidly, thus creating a chance to do vertical recruitment: first, there are so many people here.

Because of the relationships that come with the circle, in the beginning, what the team wants to do is "linkedIn in the internet industry." February 2013, the first version of the hook online line, the founding team originally thought that this is only a line of the relationship to the online migration process, but soon, they found that it is not.

After 3 months of operation, the team found that the user's growth was slow and the content was largely empty. Xu only later summed up the reason, feel that the local culture and China's Related: On the one hand, in the domestic, people and work-related exchanges more or more focused on the online, which caused a professional social in the country, only online business is difficult to do, and on the other hand, "business first to be friends", users are not accustomed to online first talk about business.

Around May 2013, the "LinkedIn version" of the Pull-hook network officially closed, and the team decided to return to the recruitment itself, and online now pull the hook network: The company's HR post, job seekers upload and delivery resumes, the final completion of the position of supply and demand matching.

A flattened flow of talent

In Beijing 3W Coffee outside the wall, from the second floor of a very large poster, above is Xiaoping with his classic smile in order to pull the hook network endorsement.

To avoid the expense of investors as the spokesperson of their own company, and quite effective, in the case of Xu, this approach may only apply in the Internet industry, "because the Internet people can recognize these."

The same idea is also reflected in the product design of the pull-hook network: The recruiter can write a PP car instead of a car sinks Technology Co., because their products are more well-known than the company; on the details page of the recruiter, in addition to the detailed job requirements and company introduction, founder profile, microblogging address, Received media interviews will also be presented, in addition to specific positions, users can also be in accordance with the financing phase of the enterprise screening, with investment agency information.

The purpose of this is to better show the enterprise, pay high benefits, each enterprise can also use a more stereoscopic way to show their attractiveness to job seekers, and the above mentioned a variety of background factors, can be taken for the enterprise endorsement, regardless of the size of the company size. "Small companies may be more attractive than big ones", which is also a special feature of the Internet industry: only in Internet companies, where job seekers spend years growing up with a start-up, it's likely to be much more than a big company. This creates a more flat flow of talent, giving smaller companies more opportunities.

Increasing the charm of the enterprise is to attract more C-end users. In the business model, pull the network logic is to the enterprise charges, to personal services: through a good user experience and enterprise display to attract talent resources in the industry, and then use the form of fees to meet the needs of enterprises.

This and pull network on the recruitment of the understanding of both sides, Xu just think, in the recruitment of the entire process, the user experience relative sensibility, and the enterprise is more able to maintain rational, so compared to the C-end user is more easily be a good user experience touched by the side. Coupled with the importance of talent on the internet industry, pull Hook Network is willing to believe that, with the user, nature can attract enterprises as customers.

Kill a headhunter.

It sounds like the same thing with the traditional job site, which is as a platform to butt both sides of the demand. But the charging model is different, most of the traditional recruitment site for the annual fee, and pull the net is based on the final effect of charges, the enterprise every recruit to a person, draw a certain proportion of their salary (generally for the position of a week or so wages) pay pull hook nets do commission.

Similar to Headhunting's charging model, prices are far lower than headhunting firms. This also determines the pull-hook network positioning is actually in the recruitment site and headhunting company. On the hook line, the mainstream job demand is for people who have just had some work experience, which is often the business of a large number of low-end headhunters.

Therefore, at the beginning of operation, pull hook nets in shielding headhunting, but its own attempt to use the humanized design and Internet technology to provide can replace headhunting services.

For example, in order to better attract the C-side, position and the company's attractiveness, pull the network is also to make their experience friendly enough. At the beginning of this year, pull hook online resume tracking function. A bit like courier tracking Service, users in the post resume, you can receive its latest dynamic reminder: Whether the HR view, there is no interview news, or directly rejected.

In the foundation of the position of information docking, pull hook network also more fancy C end user development of the long-term, "for example, after the combination of the user's characteristics, preferences, we may have an algorithm to tell him that the combination may be more suitable for what type of job", so that users get a better career development opportunities, in the Xu alone, This value can be reflected in the long-term development.

At the beginning of the recruitment, Xu said he was often worried: "The docking demand both sound very simple, and many internet companies can butt both sides." Do you often wonder whether you will be recruiting?

But after doing it for a year, I just want to understand, in fact, behind the demand for job search is the service, traffic and interpersonal relationships, how to better serve the two sides is the more profound value of recruitment, but also is the vertical recruitment attempt from the traditional recruitment site to dig new opportunities.

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