Qin Jian seo sharing: Site command to view the small number of subdirectories collection tips

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I believe we have been able to use the site command to view their own sites included, but you will use the site command to view the contents of the website's subdirectories? For example, you build www.baidu.com this website, you want to know this domain name under the subdirectory BBS (assuming) of the page included, is what command ?

This is not clear, with Site:www.baidu.com/bbs can be, the earth people know ...

But the fact is not so, when you use Site:www.baidu.com/bbs command, Www.baidu.com/bbs Baidu will think he is a domain name, of course, site is not. The site command is for domain names only and subdomains.

How do you view subdirectories? Qin Jian is also just noticed, because previously did not pay attention to the subdirectory of the collection. Random code switch after the reduction of Gaga found a way, below Qin Jian take out to share with you, in fact, it is not a skill, perhaps this method even the Martians know, may only Qin Jian did not know, but still posted out to prevent certain Jupiter people do not know!

Here we only need to add a space, here to seowhy as an example, where site:site:www.seowhy.com/bbs/This command can not view subdirectories included, site is zero, but we modify to site:www.seowhy.com/bbs/ Add a space before/bbs/. I hope nobody calls Qin Jian a Martian.

Using site+ space, what else can we do, analyze, explore resources? Try it!

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