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We often say to write original, but a lot of people do not know how to write original, in fact, it is not difficult things, just see if you are willing to do, or in the input-output ratio of the budget to consider spending energy. But in any case, writing is one of the skills that the grassroots need.

June 30 A5 Edition Chat event invited grassroots entrepreneurs-binary network (personal blog, to share his soft writing experience and skills, this article collated part of the focus, welcomed the discussion.

Guest Introduction:

Binary Network, formerly known as Heguijiang, 1988 years of people. Good at soft writing, website optimization, 21-Year-old began to contact the site operation. Now write 3-4 of original articles every day, to the enterprise website to do optimization services, soft paper receipt of income per month 3000-4000.

Q: The guests have written a lot of articles, first of all, to tell you how to write the article skills.

A: For the soft skills of this aspect have many friends asked me, all said that write soft Wen will pen astringent. In fact, this is the truth, writing a soft article does not matter, but if the long-term write down a bit difficult. I think the biggest skill is to read, not only the webmaster aspects of knowledge, experience, should be widely read, and even literary works can improve their writing ability.

Q: How do you read it? How many articles do you read every day, and in what ways can you increase the material and inspiration of your essay writing?

A: The accumulation every day, the time is long is huge. Just like if Baidu contains Web site content every day, 10 a day, 3 months on more than 1000. Inspiration from the discovery, even webmaster forum chat, sometimes can generate inspiration. Reading a headline that someone else has written can even trigger a different point of view, I think. Like the previous days wrote a series of "small and medium-sized webmaster should be in China," the nine chapters, the title originated from a "win in China" QQ Group.

Q: Wrote a lot of soft wen, but many local promotion are removed by the administrator, how to do?

A: In fact, when we do the soft text promotion, some administrators can not help to delete the article, but with the same skill to avoid this situation. Its website development content as far as possible relevant, at the end of the article, such as "I write this post is not only to spread the publicity of their own, but also want to send things to everyone, hope Management mo Delete", hehe people are emotional animals. And a post plus a link is enough, learn to smooth cut.

Use the word of King to answer the following: Soft Wen is a very free and convenient way to promote.

Q: Writing soft text for people without literary cells is more difficult, the guests think?

A: Literary cells are all cultivated, and the writing of soft text does not necessarily require a high level of writing, I think is mainly a whole train of thought through. Cannot write the topic, also only usually accumulates not to be many. Similar to A5 audit soft, the requirements are not necessarily are not gorgeous rhetoric, can elaborate enough truth can. Something of real value is far more powerful than what is hatched.

Q: What kind of articles do guests think are original? There are a lot of sticky copies.

A: Original is not unrestrained, the leader of Mao Zedong has said "the world article a big copy, see you will copy will not copy" Of course I said is not false original, but we write articles to understand the content of their own. such as writing an Internet topic soft text, the same news events, but can elaborate on different topics. Write articles, see the topic after looking for the center of the proliferation of development, then this article is an original.

Q: After the article is written well, is it spread more and better?

A: To always understand a truth: the article original after the number of times to be transferred, the value of its website is also lower. The first article published after the search engine is indexed is original, and then are collected, may be the first few stations, whether the collection speed, or bring the "weight" is higher than continue to reprint the site. If an article is highly reproduced, reproduced after the site is likely to be the search engine down right.

Q: 1, write a piece of the industry you have not covered the soft text, how long will it take? 2. Where do you usually go to search for information? 3, there are some routines of the format for everyone to share? 4, where is the release of soft text?

A: 1, if you write a not involved in the industry's soft, first of all to supplement their own basic knowledge is necessary. For the topic, the knowledge of the mobile phone is necessary, the amount of time depends on the content of the description. A soft wen long time in 5 hours, a short time may be a few 10 minutes out of it.

2, the collection of information in general I will be in the Baidu News collection, if the webmaster aspects of the only I will observe and observe some of the forum webmaster Questions to the thought of divergent writing after the soft text.

3, I feel that their own writing articles are not many routines, if it is to write someone else's latest focus on the topic more.

4, for different soft text or the location of the release of objects are also different, such as A5 Webmaster Network, or even some portals, or have a news source website.

Q: 1, please ask guests, how to find you write soft text customer is how to come? Do you find the person or someone else to find the door? I would like to introduce you, thank you. 2, pig Eight precepts also have a lot of soft business, but how to ensure that they write, not to be free to take away customers do not pay, after all, there is nothing to prove that this article must be I wrote. 3. How did you start the soft writing road? 4. How much time and energy have you spent on starting your first income?

A: 1, my soft paper is the customer to find the door, and to say one thing, such as: Webmaster industry soft Wen is my website optimization for the purpose of ranking, and is not simply the soft text. 2, Pig eight quit this Wei guest I do not like to go, do not understand. 3, as is described in the material, soft wen is the most effective free promotion, but also to the individual ability to build. 4, in school time to do the website has the income.

Q: What is the source of the content of the guest's writing and how do you accumulate ideas?

A: Writing a soft text is not necessarily write technology, you can write about the industry, or summarize their own experience, or found all OK. I think it's important that the content comes from multiple readings and observations. The writing level is raises, reads the volume, tremendously!

Q: It is difficult to write a soft article, how to write a good first?

A: It's always difficult at first, whether it's a topic or how to remuneration is a problem. But also want to try to write, a soft article in the thoughts of the summary, think of, where to write, do not deviate from the core theme can be.

Q: In a large web site submissions, soft text URLs often without links, a link to the Web site to help how much?

A: Writing a soft text is not necessarily a link, the brand can also be used to promote the form of text. Do soft wen, for not only search engines, but also the promotion of their own brand value. has been removed the link such a lot of cases, generally in the text to join the implementation of a smooth transition, than the end of the article to join the connection better. #p # Paging Title #e#

Q: I would like to ask if the professional knowledge of their own industry is limited, and almost all subjects have been written in the case, how to find a breakthrough, after all, professional things are fixed, how to let the reader of boring articles to generate reading interest?

A: It's like writing the webmaster industry's soft text, in fact, there are so many things. However, as people look at the clouds in the sky, the same cloud will be reminiscent of a different image, I hope you can understand. To trigger the interest of the author to write a different side of others, such as: the detailed breakdown of the article ...

Q: In the same soft Vin Fan Wen, the user will know that it is a soft text, the guests are how to do, the soft text written in general people do not see, or clearly know is soft, but will seriously continue to read the article? There are, there is said, three streams of soft wen add URLs, second-rate soft text plus QQ, text links, First-class soft Wen is written "into the article, a guided publicity, causing readers to pay attention to and to find soft product information, such effects."

A: Just like writing webmaster industry soft Wen, obviously know is soft, but still want to see. Because the soft writing is not only the advertising effect, but also should elaborate its value, and value is what the reader needs to know. In addition to the "N-stream" of the issue, I think, good at flexible use. An article is enough to write these things smoothly.

Arouse the attention of readers, then must write something first to convince each other, at the same time an excellent soft text promotion is not just text, in the soft value of the people, the brand is launched. Write soft text, the latest information will be the most attention.

Q: Sometimes it feels like you're writing something that you don't want to see, so it's not about making money. Believe that everyone is not born to write soft paper material, how you do it step-by-step, how do you improve the ability to write soft writing, and how to adhere to it?

A: Oh, to their self-confidence, even if the ability is slightly worse, then write things for the future to do the accumulation, whether it is their own knowledge accumulation, or the mastery of skills are in the slow to improve. Believe in yourself, you can! For my soft wen is how to raise out, I think oneself now still much worse. But give you a little bit of advice. Then it is "read more, see more, stick to think, adhere to write", long time to see the people! I think the writing should adhere to write down, relative to the outside of the busy migrant workers, what is this pain?

Q: Articles are original words a little difficult, false original, and feel embarrassed, especially a lot of things have been written by others N times.

Answer: This question I think is most stationmaster encounters, first you must understand: The original is not is does not have the basis original, sees other people's thing to add own thought summary, then is original, the false original only is simply carries on the text the revision, but lacks the thought creation. To find a breakthrough, but also to be good at discovering observation points, such as "I think the Hu Jintao" can be observed to create.

Q: How to provide soft text to the user's appeal? What's the problem with headline writing?

A: First of all, reading and reading, read the newspaper read the title, the headline to start unconventional. If the content of literary good can run pen, literary talent enough to write a coherent, write the truth, the same will be recognized by others. It is to write the voice of each other. such as the current filing problem ...

Q: Hello, soft wen is really a good promotion. But for a poor language ability, reading computer SEO promotion, how to do a good job in the pharmaceutical industry, how to promote the soft text, how to improve the quality of soft?

A: For their own industry articles for reference, the soft text is not necessarily a complete experience of their own, the experience of others can also be summed up to use a few! The article has no level, and some just explain how much truth.

Q: How are the guests conceived in the article?

A: The concept of soft paper is mainly divided into three points: the title of novel, content through, brand value promotion into. Grasp these points, in the soft writing!

Q: Guests write 3-4 soft articles a day, is very high-yield, the topic of these articles and materials how do you find it?

A: The main reason is to focus on the Internet. If you get up in the morning to write an article, write an article in the afternoon, an evening, it is not difficult, thousands of words. Less news, but not always someone wrote it? Why can't you do it? Targeted materials, or to be subject to the topic, I think any one material is not necessarily the only, but the point of view can be explained a lot. To know that life is not lack of beauty, but lack of discovery, soft Wen also. There is so much information on the internet every day that there is always something to write about.

Q: Three or four articles a day of high quality, not the average person can do, what kind of motivation do you have?

A: Motivation comes from the pursuit of the future. People have two kinds of living way: The first: A: To become a big tree, others can see you from afar, approached can also bring a shade, even if dead is also a pillar. B: The grass of the living, others trampled you do not because you hurt and say sorry. Do you want to choose your life, or do you want to choose life? Give yourself a conviction!

Q: Original article can bring more traffic, but after the release of the article, how to let him have a wider spread it? And how to display their information more effectively in the article.

A: This involves a concrete display of the value of soft, to always believe that a reason "wine is not afraid of the alley deep", write something Good, even if published to a life forum may be spread by people. Of course, we have to target different articles for classification release, such as webmaster type of binary recommended A5 OK, read these things are also stationmaster, so more easily spread out. The reference to our message is the smoothness of our own brand, such as: for example.

Q: Writing articles will encounter no ideas or ideas are very messy, do not know how to write, how to see the guests?

A: There are two ways of thinking: not confident, or impatient. Have the confidence to draw the bamboo! Come on! Encourage yourself: "I am now laying the groundwork for the future"!

Q: 1, the guest of the article is often seen in A5, can you tell me your experience in A5? 2, the guests how to view the false original, original and pseudo original to what difference? 3, Soft Wen marketing method and forum marketing methods compared to what advantages and disadvantages.

4, take a few days ago, Google PR big update, a lot of webmaster began to write Google PR article, PR index for a time also rose a lot, the guest has written such an article, write is what aspect of the problem?

A: 1, the contribution experience seems to write the webmaster is willing to see things, write valuable things, very simple. Explain the truth clearly, do not read the ambiguity!

2, I think the false original is to the machine to read, and the original is for people to read. False original and can not promote their own brand! On the contrary, it also undermines the brand image.

3, on the impact of the way the pros and cons for example: Yuan Longping can rely on rice achievement value, MA Teng can rely on small penguin success.

4, this article I have written. It was written about the spread of PR value. #p # Paging Title #e#

Q: We often say soft wen, what do you think is the real soft text, now the soft text is added to the Web site, the most superb way is of course the URL plus the people do not repel, but this is a bit difficult, many users see the URL, directly to the article divided into soft text. When you write a soft text, how do you arrange the Web site you want to promote, so that he can display the best possible results?

A: Soft wen has a variety of ways, and is not necessarily linked to the soft text. Sina, Tencent, there are several links to the article it? All the articles can be summed up as soft, but soft objects and purposes are different, the display of the Web site can be the middle of the example of content, can also be the conclusion of the summary, but do not put too much, but also to promote brand value.

Q: What do you think is the standard of soft paper? What if the boss isn't satisfied?

A: I want to write with my heart, the boss will not be dissatisfied. And the value of a soft article is not the boss to decide, the important thing is the effect. If you can achieve good results, what will the boss say? Speak with facts.

Q: Does the soft text have to be advertised?

A: No advertising is impossible, because the soft text itself is the tortuous form of advertising, it is important to explain the truth, so that people are willing to actively read, and not like the advertising of the bus forced to squeeze into your ears. Writing articles are a kind of temper on their own, over time accumulated not only the material, but also experience!

Q: I do not know how long the guests are engaged in soft wen this industry, why did you consider doing this industry? What was your writing level at first? From an early age like to write articles, will write articles, or later developed? It's good to write from the beginning, how long has this been going on?

A: My first soft article was written in 08. The decision to write daily is nearly 2 years of things, in fact, I did it, every day to adhere to never paragraph more. Article oneself since childhood like to write it, if say is how to cultivate, I think and read is inseparable. Well, I have been reading novels every day since I was a child, for many years.

Q: How does writing focus on your own attention? When I was writing a soft text, sometimes I didn't know what to think when I wrote it. The train of thought was broken.

A: When I write articles, I am seldom disturbed. Put on your headphones and do your own thing! What to do is to focus on doing, do not half-hearted!

Q: I heard that the guest is now a website is a long-term consultant, write soft Wen also often see this company, this is your first cooperative website? Can you give me a detailed introduction of your first single deal of soft paper experience, say how your users to find you?

A: Not my first cooperation site, but the future development we will be the wind and rain peer! I do site optimization, so at that time to find my friend is to do site optimization, and soft text is only a way to optimize!

Q: Hello guests, I have not been able to understand the issue of a chain, before many people say, write a soft wen, at the same time publish to a good number of sites, may attract a lot of traffic, but the content of the repeated Baidu is not not included? So even if there are many people reprint, the effect of the chain is not up to the expected effect?

A: If you collect the site weight of the article is high enough, will still be included! Of course, the premise is based on the value of your soft text.

Q: Is the soft text your main source of income each month? Writing a soft text in one day, feeling bored?

A: My main income is the website optimization, now the soft text is similar to the portal type of soft wen, the main source of revenue is soft, website optimization, A5 task orders, Network Marketing ... mainly website optimization. Write articles every day without the feeling of boredom, to say the truth, I think it is good to write their own thoughts.

Q: I think I can learn soft wen, I do not know who to learn it.

A: Oh, A5 is a big school.

Q: What do you think is the key element of a good soft paper, how to implement the soft document?

A: Soft elements: the elaboration of sufficient value, can make people read. Accepted the article also accepted the "soft" products! To promote their own brand, you will naturally be asked.

Q: Binary now network marketing work into the normal track, soft wen also write better, is a webmaster learning role model. Today's edition chat a lot of topics, also quickly into the end, can you please binary system for soft paper work to do a summary, or to some just joined the webmaster some opinions, so that everyone can also start the road of online entrepreneurship, to achieve their own online income.

A: soft paper to the single weight in the shape of their own value, but to shape their own value requirements is to write enough valuable articles, Word-of-mouth publicity of their own value I think is very important. It is also very good for you to communicate with others in the molding of your own value. Similar to myself, in the soft writing has been a lot of friends to help: the environment by the heart, Dong Shijun, Xu Jinsheng, Beijing seo fat, we are often to do exchanges. Do not understand is going to delve into, do not leave the problem in the future, even if the present writing is not good, but also to try to write, everything is from scratch, there are shallow into deep, write soft wen is also so. Gradually hone their own soft writing ability to improve.

Today we share the soft writing skills, guests also share a lot of soft writing experience and their own way, but we all know that soft writing is not an overnight thing, is a step-by-step process of accumulation, to write a good soft wen can only through continuous writing practice, to know that the theory of perfect again need action. Hope that the above discussion is helpful to you, please continue to pay attention to the A5 Forum every Thursday afternoon Edition chat activity, at the same time A5 version Chat Exchange Three group 122265626 already opened, welcome friends to join. (Wen/Meng Jiang finishing)

More about the discussion of soft writing, you can also go to the version of the chat post address:

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