Renewal of domain name increases to 60 RMB

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2008 is about to pass, when a lot of people still indulge in cn1 yuan joy when desperately register, perhaps in the registration time is ready, if the domain name renewals to 60 yuan, then let him off. But some people registered about 100 of fine rice, some thousands of boutique rice, I believe that these are in the terminal, they may renew the fee. In 2008, CNNIC announced that domain name registration has been tens of millions, it is possible in a few years will be more than COM, simply put the argument. CN is 1 yuan for the implementation of the 2007, but 2007 years CNNLC see the market is not right, want to use free to hold US webmaster and corn worm heart, but CNNLC did so much, or to retain the hearts of these people.

If buying a domain name is like buying a stock, all hope he can one day appreciate, buy the same as blue chips. But now, the heart of the Corn worm is now in a dilemma, not easy to spend hundreds of of people bought a domain name, want to sell when the depreciation of the remaining half, my domain name is so, 4-bit CIS domain name bidding spent 210, in Aggregation/37979.html "> China Auction only 105, the remaining 100. And more and more cheap, today saw a No 4 not 7 double 8 cn just bought 185 pieces, I believe many people have lost this hot potato.

When it comes to CN domain name, we have to say that the industry boss of China, remember the previous auction to 2 digits and 3 for pure digital meters can participate, but now no longer. Why? Because 3 of the good are almost in their hands, and these 4-bit is always in the bidding, auction, who really earned the CN money. Is that the so-called help you to the registration of the people to make money.

If the renewal goes up to 60, then it is a 60 times-fold appreciation of the stamp duty of the stock market. If the domain name appreciation to 60 yuan, is the domain disaster time, believe me left-handed words, as soon as possible resell hands of the CN, leaving a few of the best, when a lot of pretty good cheap cn for you to buy, It's not too late.

Since at the beginning of our corn bugs did not participate in the middle of why the fierce competition, why not wait 2008 after the results of the participation. Left-handers:, please specify the author and source, thank you for your cooperation!

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