Replace the domain name with 301 Permanent Redirect Operation procedure

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301 redirect
& ">nbsp; Redirection is simply to redirect various network requests to another location in a variety of ways.

such as: redirection in Web pages

Redirection of domain names

The change of routing is also a redirect to the data message via the path

In our site Amoy star Construction, often encounter the need for Web page redirection: such as Web site adjustment, such as changes in the directory structure, the page was moved to a new address, or, if the page name extension changes, If you need to change. php to. html or. shtml, in this case, if you do not redirect, the user's favorites or the old address in the search engine database can only give access to a 404-page error message, and the access traffic is lost; as some sites registered with multiple domain names, they also need to be redirected to allow users accessing these domains to automatically jump to the main station. Point, and so on.

Common redirection methods are: Redirect, 302 redirect and Meta Fresh:

The redirect:301 represents permanent transfer (permanently moved), 301 redirects are the best way to search engine friendliness after a Web page change, and it is recommended that 301来 be used as a referral if it is not temporarily removed.

302 redirect:302 on behalf of temporary transfer (temporarily moved), in the previous years, many black Hat seo has been widely used in this technology cheating, at present, major search engines have intensified the crackdown, Like Google's previous years of and recent penalties for BMW's German website. Even if the site is not objectively spam, it is easy to be mistaken for the search engine spam and be punished.

Today I want to write the first time I changed the domain name, with 301 permanent redirection of the operation process. The wrong place, also please a lot of criticism advice.

Initially ready to do huaibei second-hand network, and not too concerned about the domain name, looking for a lot of people have been registered, so casually registered a development has 3 months, second-hand information about tens of thousands, but included has been not to go, only 1000 points, PR also always do not move, Always stop in the PR1, mood a bit irritable, so think of a problem, with the Huaibei second-hand network at the same time to do a website: love to earn online. are doing at the same time, why this love to make money on the Internet PR3, and this huaibei second-hand network is still always PR1? And there are a lot of gaps in the collection. Think about it, will not be related to the domain name, although everyone said that the domain name is not very relevant, I finally decided to change a COM domain name. Coincidentally, found a domain name is also very consistent with my huaibei second-hand network theme, and this domain name is still a Lao, in 3 years ago someone did the Hebei second-hand network, and no sign of the search engine K. So, why, I decided to use this domain name.

The domain name application is good, starts uses the double domain name. Later inadvertently saw an article, said that the dual domain name will affect the weight of the search engine, it is best to keep only one, and it is best to use 301 permanent Redirect, the advantage is that the original domain name weight can be transferred to the new domain name. After searching for some information, we have a preliminary understanding of the 301 permanent redirects, and then began to implement them.

The first step, a new site, binding old domain name as shown:

In the second step, select the site that you just created in IIS, right, properties, home directory, select Redirect to, enter the new domain name to turn to, while noting the following "exact URL entered above" and "permanent redirect of resources" then point to apply, 301 permanent redirect even if done. Figure:

At this point, perhaps you will find me after the domain name plus $s$q characters, here to explain:

$S to pass the suffix of the requested URL to the new URL. The suffix is the part of the initial URL that is reserved after the redirected URL is substituted.

If the exact_destination flag is not set, the name of the resulting destination URL will have the name of the requested file (as the folder name) and the file name itself.

$Q the parameters in the initial URL, such as the QueryString parameter, are passed to the new URL, including the question mark (?).

If you do not add the above characters, the internal page 301 will jump to the first page, plus the above characters is the purpose of the page can also accurately jump to the corresponding page of the new domain.

After we finish, we have to check if we are doing the right thing. Open the old domain name directly jump to the new domain name, and then open the inside page also directly jump to the new domain name inside the page, OK, the description of success.

If there is no, welcome to the master of additional indications. Thank you.

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