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This reporter Shoujian "Xinhua, China", such a Chinese domain name can be loved by netizens? It is said that it facilitates the memory of the Chinese people, but some say it is not so convenient to input it? “。 Can China "domain name be popularized after two years?" Please pay attention to-"" "" when you still used to enter such English address, but they have their own Chinese domain name in China "Sina. China" "Xinhua. China".  The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) predicts that the ". China" domain name will be used by mainstream websites within two years. The application environment is improving recently, CNNIC released the ". China" domain name survey results show that more than 80% of netizens can use the ". China" domain name to access the Internet.  At the same time, the survey also showed that 90% National provincial and ministerial government agencies, 95% traditional media sites, more than 90% "211" engineering University, more than 50% of China's hundred enterprises, more than 40% of China's 500 strong enterprises have registered to use the ". China" domain name. Cnnic said, "China" domain name of the average daily resolution also showed a large increase in the trend, compared with the same period last year, "China" the average number of domain names increased by 200%. This shows that more and more netizens are getting into the Chinese internet habit of entering the ". China" domain name website. In the next two years, the domestic mainstream website will use the ". China" domain name.  The use of ". China" domain name to access the Internet, will become the main network of Chinese netizens access mode. Previously, CNNIC has completed three core Internet international standards in the field of Chinese domain names to ensure Chinese domain names are fully in line with Chinese traditional culture and language habits. Up to now, mainstream browser manufacturers have adopted international standards, Ie7,firefox and other mainstream browsers to achieve the ". China" domain name direct support. Search engine manufacturers Google and Yahoo have also supported the Chinese Domain name collection and search.  "China" Domain name application environment is improving, "China" domain name application popularization work has no technical difficulties. "International into the root" only to be approved according to China million network products Vice President Yingqiao Bridge introduced, "China" domain name development experienced the registration, use two stages.  And the use of the domain name also contains two stages, one is before the root, the domain name can be accessed, but the need for local network access providers to complete the relevant configuration, we are at this stage; the other is in the root, when all browsers can support the ". China" domain name. He believes that in order to achieve the root of the first to do three preparatory work: first, the browser to identify, support Chinese language Internet; the second is the global server JS software (that is, domain name resolution Server) to support the ". China" domain name, third, the root server is the global server support ". China" domain name. "Now that we've completed the first two steps and we need to do a third step, it's just a matter of time." ” Yingqiao Bridge revealed that the current ". China" domain name has been in the root conditions, only to international organizations ICANN (Internet name and number distribution agencies) after the completion of the approval process will be able to enter the root. It is understood that the current choice of ". China" domain name registration of the organization is registered ". China" domain name, mostly for brand protection awareness, the real application and promotion of the future. At present the ". China" domain name registration price is higher than the English domain name registration price, but the current ". China" domain name registration has a "buy one six" policy, that is, to register a domain name, is actually obtained 6 domain names, including Chinese (Simplified). China (Simplified), Chinese (complex simplified). CN, Chinese (Simplified Chinese) (Traditional). "This is a promotion process, these domain names will be bundled together to promote, after the root of these domain names will be separated, become a more independent domain name, gift activities will be canceled."  Said Yingqiao Bridge.  Concurrent use for a long time admittedly, ". China" domain name application and popularization can not be separated from the technical cooperation, but the technical conditions are available, ". China" domain name to win the support of netizens seems to have a "you love my Wish" problem. Not long ago, when some netizens talked about it, they posted online: first of all, not all people will input Chinese, just like the mobile phone may not send text messages, he also needs to learn how to enter Chinese; second, for the use of Pinyin input method, the choice of words is a troublesome process, and the use of English domain name,  There is no such trouble; Moreover, in the process of entering the URL, you also need to switch input method to enter "." In response, Cnnic responded that ". China" and other Chinese domain names and English domain names are facing different audiences, such as English domain names for those in English-speaking countries are very convenient to use, and ". Medium Chinese domain name is more convenient to use Chinese netizens online.  More importantly, with the support of international standards, English characters ". and Chinese period". Completely equivalent, netizens in Chinese input state without switching can directly enter the domain name. "Based on the diversity of the audience, different people are right." China ' and other Chinese domain names and English domain name advantages and disadvantages feel different. In fact, in the simple, easy to use Chinese input method is very good today, the '. Country ' and other Chinese domain name input is also very convenient. "Qilin, a cnnic-related person, said China" domain name on the core value of enterprises, to allow enterprises to their own enterprise name, product name, Chinese brand and other applications for registration as ". China" domain name, so that the company's online brand identity and traditional or offline brand logo to maintain a high degree of consistency, Fully enhance the corporate brand recognition, recognition.  Of course, if very few enterprises can not find with their English domain name echoes of the ". China" domain name, condensed with profound Chinese culture of Chinese characters allows enterprises to create a lot of creative names and brands, enterprises will apply to the satisfactory ". China" domain name. According to Qilin, IWS's data show that, as of the end of 2008, in the world's 1.574 billion internet users, Chinese users321 million. It is not expected long, Chinese will replace English as the world's largest Internet users to use the language. "Of course, for a long time to come, '. China ' and other Chinese domain names and English domain names are complementary ways of surfing the Internet, each serving a different audience. We also support and encourage the parallel use of '. China ' domain names. ”
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