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As long as you are the site can not be separated from friendship, unless you have millions of still come in or directly to do long-term bidding.

Why do friendship connection?

Friendship Connection is a very important part of the site, the decision of your site (content is also very important), so there is no webmaster do not connect, unless you are the Enterprise station.

So what does friendship link generally pay attention to? (Send this article is to let the novice do friendship not be cheated, veteran detour.) )

I said a few points I think is very important.

1: The snapshot must be normal (usually within 3 days) because the snapshot determines Baidu's focus on your site.

2:site must be on the first page. Because site is not the first, the description has fallen right. But if not on the first page of the description, has been a large degree of decline. So have to pay attention to, some sites will appear in the morning site 1th, night not first. The reason this station is being punished by the engine.

3: Included quantity. If you are a new station on the casual, included on it. Old station words look at the quality of the general and your condition is quite in the connection.

4: Look at Baidu rankings, Alexa, PR, chain number (the less the better) and so on.

In short, the friendship connection and their own site quality is quite the station, and related is the best. Finally wish everyone's website can be booming.

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