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The construction of the chain should be every webmaster to spend the most time and energy work content, because the chain in the SEO played a pivotal position. So the importance of the chain I think you do not have to be in front of the door to get ax, the chain is a variety of types, and today I would like to share my blog outside the chain and the experience of the blog and summed up the five major skills.

1. Relevance of content:

This should be more understanding, the construction of the blog we need to raise the content, the content of the blog should be consistent with the content of the site. For example, to do the game site outside the chain, blog articles to correspond to the theme, do not casually copy an article in the Add anchor text to cope with the matter, the quality of the chain and our intentions are proportional to the degree.

2. The content is reasonable:

The so-called blog content to be reasonable refers to as far as possible not to directly copy the article in the site to paste into the blog, the importance of the original is well-known, and we "keep" the purpose of the blog is this. We hope that the blog can continue to bring the site outside the chain needs to have a substantial content. Some friends said that the content of the site has been enough, where there is time for the blog to make a fuss? That is the 3rd to elaborate.

3. How to translate content:

No time for blog articles, need to copy the content of the site should pay attention to the copy of the article should not be the site's hot article, should choose as far as possible unpopular articles, the reason is to avoid the blog posts in the rankings than the site's high. Of course, it would be great if you could make appropriate changes to the content.

4. Blog article anchor text settings:

This is also the purpose of our blog, of course, to have anchor text. But what if the setting is reasonable? Many friends like to repeatedly repeat the target keyword in the article link to the home page, but I think this is not the best way. Should be the target keyword and the site's long tail keywords with links, not only to read the person can be clear intent, but also can make search engines more efficient crawling. As for a piece of article should have a few anchor text is determined by the content and length of the article, but try not to have too many links to an address.

5. Post-Blog maintenance:

Since choose to raise a blog do not loose fishing, want it really as a part of the site to operate. A regular update of the site, improve the weight of the blog is necessary to do things, want to do than hundreds of blog to do outside the chain, but a few days or even weeks do not go to the tube once, a few included fast, high weight blog more effective.

Finally, I hope that you can be a little better on their own chain blog, if the blog article is not included, the webmaster is a waste of time and energy, I hope that we can get more outside the chain of blog Oh.

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