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Now there are a lot of online to improve the collection and ranking methods of articles, we all write very well, and on this issue is more of a cliché. But for a lot of SEO optimization of the novice speaking, an article to see all too time-consuming and laborious, the following is the Zhengzhou website company _ le people of Science and technology Summary of a concise version of the method to improve the collection and ranking of the whole introduction, please participate in detail, I hope to help.

One, the station optimizes: completes the internal strength, more needs to pay attention to maintain the weight in the station the centralism.

1, the title of the website. Whether it is a website title or content headlines, it is best to reflect the keyword in due course, note that keyword separator symbols, such as Baidu generally used "_" or "丨", Google with "," or "-" or spaces, keywords and the main title between the use of "丨" or "-", the use of keywords between "," or "_" and so on.

2. Website navigation. The website navigation is the user quickly understands the website and the structure layout main channel, is the search engine spider crawls the content page the important channel. In the era of simplicity, the site does not need too many large pictures and flash, otherwise it is not conducive to increasing the speed of Web site loading and opening. In general, site navigation is best to use text links and tree structure, and so on, and make each page to join the secondary navigation to facilitate the user experience and meet the search engine optimization rules.

3. Key words. Keyword is an important basis for search. Site keyword should be as comprehensive as possible, diverse and accurate with all the keywords, the site content and title keyword is the best one or one can be, must pay attention to prevent keyword piling, to prevent articles updated when the key words and content is identical. In addition, the keyword mining and settings must be combined with site positioning, market needs, competitors and user experience to choose and layout, while paying attention to more accurate long tail keyword construction and updates and so on.

4, the picture Alt label. Because the search engine spiders do not fully recognize the picture, you need to add the ALT tag to the image source code to facilitate the search. The main role of the ALT tag is to tell the search guide zhi this picture to express the main is what, generally the article title Plus can, with a maximum of a keyword, do not have to pile up a lot of keywords. In addition, before adding an ALT tag to a picture, it is best to ensure that the image is of a high definition, moderate size, and matches the content, thereby improving the site's relevance and user experience.

5. Optimize the inner chain. Within the chain is generally refers to the content of the page link, is the content of a keyword appears through hyperlinks to the site related to other content pages. This requires that we must appear in the content of the site keyword, used as an internal chain optimization keyword anchor text and point to the best diversification of the page to prevent excessive optimization. Inner chain optimization should be based on the principle of user experience, how to be as convenient as possible to users. In addition, we can also have the choice to add a H1 tag under the content body to emphasize the role, you need to note that this can only embed a keyword.

6, the website article. Content for the king of the Times, the soul of the site is that it has a high degree of originality, value, freshness and have their own point of view content articles, and the continuous update of the original high value article is also the search engine spider's favorite. Le people of the Internet, webmasters are best to adhere to regular regularly updated web site articles, can be appropriate to join the anchor chain, pay attention to the keyword density of not more than 8%. This is conducive to the search engine spiders to develop the habit of regular crawling, but also conducive to quickly update the site snapshots.

7, links. Regular updates of quality links can significantly increase the site traffic, ranking and weight, this is beyond doubt. But we have to control the number of links and quality, in a timely manner dead chain, no chain, such as bad links to the investigation to prevent the site is compromised.

Second, station outside optimization: Make full use of outside resources

1. Submit the website. According to the website business market situation, have selected in some well-known platform entrance to submit your website and map, such as Baidu, Google, Soso, 360 and so on.

2, soft article release. In the higher weight of the forum, blog, log, space and other places to send some plateau, high value, high correlation and contains site keywords and links of soft wen, using the Internet high transmission characteristics of high forwarding to enhance the site visibility, and actively guide the search engine spiders crawl into their own site, which is to increase the site outside the chain, An important way to get a high click rate on a website.

3, links. or friendship links, because it is not only suitable for station optimization, for the external optimization also plays an important role. Here we can find some of the high weight of friends chain, to improve the site's search engine included and ranked.

To sum up, the site Seoer want to quickly improve the site collection and ranking, need to pay attention to the details there are many, to adhere to the intention, patience, carefulness and perseverance, can not hold a quick buck, overnight, lucky lazy mentality to work, otherwise will only outweigh the gains. If the above methods can not let your site improve the collection and ranking, then you'd better check your site domain name has been punished records, because the general punishment of the domain name is likely to have been blocked by the search engine. Other outstanding matters, welcome everybody to add actively in the commentary.

Above by the Zhengzhou to do the website company _ Le Person of technology _ le people internet original release, hope to help everyone. Reprint please indicate the source, thank you!

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