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Do SEO also have half a year, talk about this six months optimization of some of the project summary. Today to everyone that is a complete site optimization process, that is, the complete process of SEO. Master Please skip it, I hope the article to help beginners!

1, the first step to understand the site, the production of diagnostic programs

When we receive a website to optimize or their own company's website, first of all to a comprehensive understanding of the site, including the number of sites included, ranking, reverse links, and so on. Then, according to the site's existing problems, and so on to develop a complete diagnostic plan.

2, competitors, the formulation of the program

We have developed a diagnostics program, then the site's keywords and competitor research. We can learn from the competitor's situation, to know some of the highest ranked opponents by what means to achieve a better ranking. Then according to their own site problems, to develop a complete optimization program and external connection construction program.

3, station optimization

Website optimization is to include the regular title, keyword, description and other changes to some of the labels, but also include structural adjustment. What I want to say here is that internal connections are important, and of course the content is more important. I hope the novice do not ignore this part.

4. External construction

External link construction is referred to as outside the chain construction, outside the chain construction is usually to optimize synchronization with the website. External links include friendship link Exchange, forum personality signature, Third-party blog, Web bookmarks, Baidu FAQ, etc., we can according to their own needs for external link building.

5, effect monitoring and flow analysis

The results of testing, including the site rankings, the number of Web site traffic, as well as included, ranking, the increase in direction and so on, this is usually optimized after the completion of the station in sync. If you need accurate SEO testing data, we also need competitors to detect the site. It is important to analyze the source of traffic.

6. Re-establish the website strategy

According to the site effect detection and flow analysis, we may find some deficiencies, we need to the site optimization plan and other strategies to modify, has achieved better results.

Of course the update of the article of the website this is in the optimization plan, I think the website effect test and the flow analysis and according to the traffic analysis redesign plan is the most important. Of course these

It's different from the customer's website or your own website!

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