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This article in Suzhou SEO mainly explain the main implementation of the site's internal links and skills, SEO is a long-term process, and the site for the construction of internal links is best in the site before the launch of its structure, search engines will be more favored network structure of the internal links. The quality of internal links is also related to the comprehensive ranking of the site, so we must pay attention to the internal links of the site, so that the ranking of the site can be further improved. About the overall site of the internal link planning can refer to the internal Link basic framework of detailed.

One, use anchor text annotation, for example we want to link to another article keyword is "How to attract spiders", we can add anchor text notes "How to attract spiders to crawl my site", so that you can more accurately tell visitors what it is linked to what content, will not allow users to produce a wrong understanding, It will also have some benefits for search engine optimization. The specific approach is <a title= "How to attract spiders often to crawl my Site" href= "″target=" _blank "> How to Attract spider </a> Of course can also give anchor text with fervent bold, but recommended less use.

Second, the text in the article using the label, according to some of the official search engine documents, and some testing, Suzhou seo think h1>h2>strong≥em> ordinary body >alt>flash such a weight order. Generally speaking, we use H1 to define the body title, or the channel name; H2 is generally used to define subtitle and Channel keywords, srtong and em are used in the body, the key words to emphasize the role. The ALT attribute is used to indicate the subject and keywords of the picture. In addition, flash in the plain text (that is, not become animated components of the text) can be crawled by the search engine, but the weight is lower than the ordinary text to recommend less use Flash.

Third, tags category links, need to be based on the size of the site. If the amount of information on the site is very large, you need to use tags category links. If it is a small site, basically do not need to do tags category links. Tags category links can be understood to be related to the aggregation of content. For example, Suzhou SEO blog Right auxiliary column has tags category links.

Four, the most important keyword link should appear in the position as far as possible, spiders crawl when the page is in the order from left and right and down from the sequence crawl site content, the more important content, with the site's main keyword closer to the site should be ranked in front of the position, so more convenient spider crawl.

Five, to increase the first page to the inner and inner pages to the home page of the internal link channel

1) home → article recommendation → inner page

2 home → articles → columns → pages

3 home → sitemap → section page → inner page

4 home → site Directory → inner page

5) Home →tags→ page

6 inside page → inner page navigation → Home

7 inside page → inside page navigation → column page → home


Suzhou SEO Internal link Map a

Suzhou SEO Internal Link Chart II

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