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Many people will think that SEO is very simple, many people will think that SEO is confused?

What's the simple thing? Everyone will think that SEO is to do the keyword ranking, is to do the flow; what is confusing? In addition to doing the keyword rankings are also very want to know how to let the site to retain users, that is, to retain traffic, so many friends webmaster friends will be confused, want to find the books and information,

People are more than creating a lot of traffic, everyone is more in thinking of staying in every customer, just like to know a girlfriend, let him take your site to get the first step of goodwill, let users remember you, in fact, this is also part of the SEO, with the development of the network you will become a SEO one of the largest part is, It's not just about keyword traffic, it's more important to keep your traffic. We now call it "site user experience" or "site Humanization"

Tell you here that you don't have to look for books, because there are no such books, but there is a lot of such information or experience. I'll tell you a few things here.

1. Try to highlight the theme of your site as simply and clearly as possible.

2. The site has popularization, is to meet the vast majority of people in your industry basis.

3. At least one directory is available to help or just get to know the people in this industry's help directory.

4. Whether it is a community or a forum or a large site must have a site manager and user Communication page or directory.

5. At the beginning of the production and promotion of forums and community sites, there must be several professional and passionate people to guide or initiate the topic of the industry. Or you can hire someone like that.

6. Other customer comments on the industry site are especially important for users. Professional technical site, customers more related to the problems they encounter can easily obtain solutions. And the social site is to launch the emotional, family, school topics more interested users.

The above is the understanding of moon user experience. If you have any questions can go to Moon SEO blog and consulting Moon qq:917889627

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