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Always stressed that SEO should pay attention to the details, but the result of their own mistakes. Meta tags are key to optimizing the site, keyword keywords, description description, and title all directly affect the ranking of the site. His importance everyone knows, but we have been focusing on meta content how to write, such as the keyword to choose how to, how to describe how to write more reasonable, can highlight keywords, but not the accumulation of keywords. Here we ignore the important link, can your meta be crawled by spiders?

We can first look at a tourism site, open the Web site to view the original code, title, keywords, description all show normal, writing is no problem. But you use webmaster tools, check meta information, you will find keywords, description do not show, simulation spider crawl is also nothing to catch. What's going on here?

Originally we overlooked a detail, spiders are not crawl jump, the homepage of this site is to jump to another folder. So we look at meta information as normal, but spiders are not crawled. Now many web sites, web programs in order to make the program more clean and easy to see, the home page are used to jump, or call, For example, my own small station: Fall Autumn Search Assistant is to use the Zblog program, see the original file title display is normal, but with meta information query, you can not see anything (I did not add meta information on the homepage, I would like to look at the effect, and then add. )。 Finally, I would like to remind you to use Meta information tools to check your site to see if it is suitable to crawl, if it is jump must be in the Take-off page plus your keywords and description.

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