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Shopping malls such as battlefield, failure and success is often weakness, do optimization is also so. The volatility of the site will also make a good mentality of the optimization master lose the normal, become mad up. SEO optimization of the road and direction heavy responsibilities, do not in front of the search engine to play a little smart, the so-called outsmart, villains, search engine is always you can not locate long-term thinking, perhaps your cleverness to bring you short-term benefits, the long-term pain may not be far from you.

SEO three years in the time, experienced too many things. summed up the failure more than success, perhaps the more failures, the realization of the most authentic. For three years, I've been dealing with search engines, each other is not mutual understanding, but as a close to the search engine, perhaps the horse fart more, it is good to feel disgusted, long time, it will adjust their thinking, inject new knowledge to achieve a higher realm, Baidu search engine is also so.

One, stationmaster has good mentality

SEO optimization itself is a tedious and complex work, whether you are an entrepreneur or are working for others, and finally do a good job site optimization, always inseparable from a sound mentality. Face to repeat the same thing every day and stay up late into the night, can maintain a good mentality, then you are gradually mature and leisurely exercise your life and future SEO optimization. Today I saw a very good article is to do optimization of the people's income, there are tens of thousands of of income, of course, there is not high income, may be lower. Whether will ask why the difference is so big, of course, with their own mentality has a great relationship, no good attitude, face the site of any problems are unintelligible, do not maintain the normal heart to treat this is the difference.

Second, do not play smart, eventually return to the original point.

When we were a rookie, often see some master in a very short period of time to the site to do a good job, and is an incredible thing, will ask even use money to buy this technology to make their website is also able to quickly go up. There is a good saying, "The higher you climb, the faster you fall." As many of these sites are cheating to achieve their own purposes, but short-lived benefits, long time, quickly become the search engine of the soul, gone forever. So we do optimization need to be honest, down-to-earth to do, so the search engine no matter how the ventilation, it is impossible to pull your site out of a hair not left. In this business, do not have a very high level is not able to escape the search engine tracking and recognition, unless you are its nemesis, as a novice we should do is to learn more promotional knowledge, rather than to learn some will turn the thinking, no porcelain gold diamond, do not go to stop that porcelain gold live.

Third, adjust the method, persevere

Search engine is a very systematic software, also be edited way to operate. So these editors ' minds are a fixed way of thinking. We often get used to this practice, and do it very well. But if there is no foresight, do not often to understand the search engine's latest way of running and update, or according to the previous practice to operate, you will feel very tired, but also did not get much effect. Internet search engine is constantly in the perfect and update, the final direction of development, or business and user-led position, but only to change the past abuses, we also have to change, in order to master firsthand information. Also said is to be able to persevere, optimization is a long day, we have to have a insist on the heart of preparation.

As a real SEO optimization master and entrepreneur, not just rely on their own few small tricks to do their work. Remember that I have a very good friend, he is very proficient in this industry, but it is not love to go the right way, every day pondering how to do some cheating research, maybe he really learned a lot of search engine temporarily unrecognized means. But the time is not long, a few months to ponder just see the hope of the dawn, get some benefits from the search engine has been blocked and identified. We are very recognition of this talent, there is this spirit of study, to ponder the search engine. But we're not using the right way to really do that, for example, the law of the search engine and some traffic and the relationship between the rankings, but in front of the search engine to do some tricks, there is a good saying: "Magic a ruler, the road a battle" in front of the search engine we can only learn from, not to do practical things, Do some little gestures.

The future search engine prospects are very optimistic, at least for the real optimization of the staff gave a good answer. The recent internet giant Company is noisy, in fact, is the same wolf, in order to compete for this piece of hidden cakes, regardless of all forms to each other to uncover their own mystery or purpose. In fact, for us to do SEO or the Internet may not be a good thing, but for our future development of the Internet to provide more resources and opportunities. We know that in the past, the vicious commercial model, some of the vulgar Web site is indeed deceiving a lot of users and the security of property, this time after a period of tossing, more cause these hand-held heavy company attention and change, recognize the seriousness of the future development of the drawbacks there. For webmaster and SEO people to provide more opportunities and direction, the future of the site optimization must be a good platform for development, but is a kind of sharpening performance.

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