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Some time ago to see a maple blog article wrote "Do seo some of the things", before and some SEO master chat, they have a lot of SEO also have some, not sure of things. Instead some of the technology, slightly done a few cases of "master" very can give customers some affirmation of the commitment, to tell the truth, I also made unannounced visits some "master", there are any key words dare to answer, what keyword is a price. Such a "Master" is terrible, terrible in this industry, the terrible to the commitment of customers how to end, terrible disturb SEO industry norms.

Last week, a local salesman contacted me and asked me if every time I gave my client the ability to get my affirmative reply could be done and when it would be possible to give an exact concept of time. So that he could do it with confidence. Every time I face such a brain residue can only smile, tell me I can not give a positive commitment, if which can promise you can find them.

The following are some of the problems I have encountered in the course of business, to organize and share with you, think about:

1, xx words you can do? You can do the xx word.

In general, we will analyze the keyword, and the customer or the salesman a little understand a bit will be the early analysis, and then to the technology, we all understand that the salesman is also very hard, fooled customers to make a list is not easy, but do not boast any words can be done. From the time cost look, we can filter some customers and keywords.

2, a certain customer more urgent, hurriedly do up, give me a precise time, I good and customer said.

Your big ye, you think I am in charge of search engine Ah, the toilet also must wait to have defecate when can go, say go up, can also jump the queue? If the answer is vague or you can't give a definite time, the salesman or the customer thinks you have a problem with the technology, and then they may find a way to give a definite answer. "Master". We can give vague time periods, but we can't give them the exact time.

3, XX key word fell down, you hurriedly put the tune up.

such as above, but also relatively silent.

4, a certain company in front, you put his ranking down.

You can't do it, you can't do it, you won't get it.

I still can't think of it, but I often ask a funny question. How do we deal with these problems? I can only give vague answers or no answers because I am responsible for my answers and my promises.

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