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General seoer do site optimization, the site outside the chain of the number of keywords on the site is very important, generally we say "content for the emperor, outside the chain for the King" Is this truth, we do ranking is, outside the chain of how much, the amount of resources outside the chain, determines your site to win the chance, so we have to sum up the chain of resources, Keep the chain of collection of resources, generally we have to summarize the faster, the site more weight outside the chain of resources, the new station at the beginning of the establishment, good outside the chain can strengthen your site collection speed, the new station in the establishment of our large can be submitted to the search engine, some people say that the submission is useless, but I am Letter search engine since give us to submit the entrance must have its usefulness, of course, we do outside the chain can not cheat, can not send out the chain, so to the end of the site is punished, so we had better not use mass, today here to give you a few of the current common methods of several external chain:

1. Links: links are we do SEO must do, in general, most of our webmaster will have a lot of station resources, so we can go to add links to the site, but we should note that the station can not link p space, so the chain is very dangerous, the current online search outside the chain of methods are also more, We are going to exchange a lot of links, we can find the station we want to exchange, in doing friendship links, we should pay attention to some points, we can not find rubbish site to practice, generally we want to find snapshots within 3 days of the station, included more, more outside the chain of stations, of course, PR higher the better, then our new station how to find Friendship links? At the beginning of the new station friendship links should not be too much, we can go to do a good job in the station, such as collected more normal after the same, we can add some links to the group to do the link.

2. Blog resources outside the chain: do SEO personnel generally for the blog is familiar but, each large blog station we have registered account, blog for the site outside the chain played a very large role, and some people do stand in the blog to increase the weight of their own station, blog is our own, we manage it easy, also casually, We have to constantly improve the weight of the blog, so that the weight of the blog to increase the weight of our site will also be higher, in the maintenance of the blog we generally send some original articles, often keep blog updates, give the blog a certain outside the chain, so that the weight of the blog will continue to increase.

3. Go to the Forum: forum on the outside chain is also our outside the chain of a great shrine, of course, some web forums can not be sent ads, and can not be linked to, we choose the general choice can take a link, can be signed with the forum to send, and constantly collect resources, we are in the forum when the link must be sent with the topic of articles, The article is best to original such chain is the best, such an article will not be deleted by the webmaster, we can not go everywhere to send ads, such a chain effect is not good, but also easy to be deleted, or even sealed off the ID, this is not good.

4. Soft article with the chain: weak is seoer to do the ultimate method of the chain, but also the method of renting cattle, we do soft text, with the chain posted to the major webmaster nets or forums, such as A5 is a very good place, generally included articles will be reproduced by the site, so that the chain will be multiplied, the weight of the chain is also very high , a lot of cattle b webmaster will often write articles, such as Tong, Zac and so on, Tong SEO is a break time will write a classic article, so that the major sites to reprint, so that the site itself to bring the weight is very high.

Finally, we go to analyze the competitor's outside the chain place, according to the extra chain to send out, the above is summed up a few common outside the chain method, hair outside the chain is the need for skills, not to say casually to hair, this may bring counterproductive effect, a good weight of the site is bound to the outside chain this piece has a very high degree of competition.

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