Several effective ways of rapid development of local real estate network

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As we all know, real estate sites have been the most site types of sites, the keyword is also the most difficult to optimize, not to mention some of the big real estate sites in the second-tier cities, and some classified advertising sites also put the local real estate class keywords as the focus to optimize, in this case, How to make the new real estate website quick profit. I share my experience with everyone.

I was founded in Cangzhou Real Estate Network (, the local already has six to real estate class-oriented web site, and related keywords are ranked in the top of the first few positions. When my site is included in a few weeks, the site has been ranked on the second page of the position. After months of change, although added a lot of outside the chain, no improvement, that several real estate site is too strong, but I did not lose heart, has been developing their own website, every day in the local newspaper, DM to find some of the real estate ads, and then sent to their own website, Always make their own site to maintain the original and every day in the update, after this period of operation, my site inside the page weight began to strong, almost published after the listing, a few seconds immediately after the Baidu included.

I update online every day at the same time, did not give up offline development.

First, with the urban major intermediary set up friendly relations. I site full station to display the text advertising part of all to the intermediary to stay, and the charge is not high, only charge 10 yuan per month fee, mainly to attract them every day on my website published listings, so that the site every day has a large number of listings information. This is 300 yuan per month.

Second, with the major real estate to maintain good relations of cooperation. I run the city as soon as I have time. Take the camera, see a new site to start, put their propaganda film down, and then into the sales office to discuss with them, let them advertise, of course, the new real estate network is not well-known, people will certainly not choose you, of course, see how you fooled. I told them that "Cangzhou new property" This keyword I am ranked first, every day there are thousands of people search, after the demonstration, it is so, they will choose other, of course, the cost is not too high. Hundreds of will do.

Third, with the city's home-type stores to maintain cooperation. Buy a house must buy home, this is inevitable. Do not forget to do a real estate network home class This large group of advertising target customers, the content of the pages of several important locations to stay out, as long as there are looking at the house, you will see home. This is also a good way to promote them.

Four, in addition to these, I also run the properties of various communities, in the community doorway to the publicity card posted on my publicity page, so that my site slowly penetrate into people's hearts.

Five, of course, advertising is indispensable to do. In the local DM advertising 100 can do a few months, although the location is not very good, but also can improve traffic, improve the visibility of the site. I think it's still worth it.

Six, in addition to these, is to mobilize friends and relatives to publicize, have to find a store, there are looking for a house, there are selling houses, there are buy a house, to tell their own website to publish.

Real Estate class website I think the development is good, we can exchange links and exchanges. qq:1246868251

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