Shanghai Launches World Ocean Day Campaign

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June 8, "Shanghai 2014 World Ocean Day and the National Marine Propaganda Day Launching Ceremony" held in Jinshan City beach, marking the entire marine day series of promotional activities officially kicked off.

The launching ceremony was moderated by Yang Jian, deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Oceanography, address by Li Yueqi, mayor of Jinshan District, and Shen Yiyun, deputy director of Municipal Bureau of Oceanography. He delivered a keynote speech and announced the opening ceremony. Municipal Oceanic Administration, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, China Polar Research Center, Second Military Medical University and Jinshan The leaders of the district government jointly awarded the "Shanghai Marine Biology Research Center" of the Second Military Medical University and awarded the first Shanghai Municipal Environmental Protection Volunteer Service Team. At the same time, they also held the 29th Shanghai Youth Science and Technology Xinghai Special Award Award ceremony.
The commemoration was jointly sponsored by Jinshan District People's Government and Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Ocean. By the Jinshan District Ocean Authority, Shanghai Ocean Management Office contractors. The whole activity focused on the theme of "Protecting the Marine Environment and Developing Ocean Business" and elaborated "Launching Ceremony", "Jinshan Marine Development Symposium", "Snow Dragon" Arctic and Arctic Expedition Report, Shanghai Island First The series of activities such as land, sea and air law enforcement drill aimed at promoting marine culture through these wonderful activities, protecting the marine island environment and strengthening the dissemination of marine knowledge and marine awareness.
It is reported that in addition to the home activities, the day the city also carried out various promotional activities to protect the knowledge of the marine activities, the Shanghai Municipal Environmental Protection Volunteer Service team clean beach service activities, "riding the sea to find foreign, blue Chinese dream" "Sea Culture" marine festival series of promotional activities, "go hand in hand to see the sea - Shanghai Youth Marine knowledge dissemination action" series of activities, marine science education (practice) base award, marine culture and creative works exhibition and "Ocean Science Resource Handbook" Starting ceremony; exchange of marine culture forums across the Taiwan Strait; World Ocean Day marine science series of publicity activities.
Municipal Oceanic Administration, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Jinshan District and other relevant units, leaders from Shanghai Ocean University, Maritime University, China Polar Research Center, East China Sea Branch, relevant leaders of Municipal Science and Technology Commission, representatives of China Marine Surveillance Shanghai Corps and heads of districts and marine departments, More than 600 participants, including students, citizens, volunteer representatives and the news media, attended the ceremony.

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