Shanghai Putian in the middle of the loss of 19 million share price unexpectedly three consecutive trading

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July 10, Shanghai Putian released the first half of the performance forecast, "The estimated medium-term net profit is negative 19 million yuan."  "In the announcement of the day, Shanghai Putian said that the first half of the Shanghai Metro line Line 10 has been completed to supplement the contract supply, Chongqing Line contract signed and won the bid Chongqing line Line 3 extension project, but has not achieved sales revenue." But from the first half of the release of the three days after the announcement, as of July 13, Shanghai Putian continuously trading for the 3rd day. On the same day, the real estate regulation policy has not loosened the news influence, the stock market opens the short jump low to open falls more than 1%. However, Shanghai Putian has not been affected by the market trend, concussion nearly 50 minutes later, again sealed trading board, turnover rate of up to 24.03%. In the following two days, the market has been in a state of shock, but its share price has not been greatly affected by the close of 12.40 yuan yesterday. The stock price is in complete contradiction to the company's current situation.  The buyer's seat is gathered in the treasury of Hangzhou Jiefang Road Securities, Haitong Securities Shenzhen Red Ridge Middle Road, China Merchants Securities Deep South Middle Road, such as the famous floating big crocodile. Reporters interviewed the company insiders about the situation, but said: "There is no change in the company's performance and possible restructuring." "After the close of the day, July 12-13th, the company's stock price of the cumulative deviation of up to 20.87%, turnover of 266 million yuan." 3 consecutive trading days before and after March 8 this year, Shanghai Putian also continuously trading.  It was rumored that the company had been reorganized, but there had been no information or programme release on the reorganization. July 10 Shanghai Putian released a six-year performance notice mentioned: The company expects a net profit of 19 million yuan negative. But its first half has achieved the Shanghai Metro Line Line 10 supplement contract supply, Chongqing first line contract sign and won the bid Chongqing line Line 3 extension project, but has not realized the sales income. For the unusual rise in the market.  Market analysts believe that the loss of performance is in the pursuit of funds, perhaps the second half of the subway contract expected to bring performance growth. The reporter learned from inside the company, these three projects, mainly is the subway ticketing system, the actual supply contract is not big. For example, Shanghai Metro line Line 10, the supplemental contract, because the original plan is only 1-2 per station system, but now because of the increase in human traffic to 6-7.  This is not a significant increase in overall performance. Under the planning of China Putian Group, the controlling shareholder, Shanghai Putian's main business includes the subway ticketing system, the commercial tax control machine, the identification system, the miniature printer accessories and so on, as well as imported equipment and spare parts for Putian group's import agents.  In recent years, the company's performance has not improved, 2009 earnings per share of 0.03 yuan, 2008 earnings per share of 0.3 yuan. In the capital market, the concern of Shanghai Putian is generally to connect Shanghai Putian with the concept of 3G. But so far, Shanghai Putian has nothing about the so-called 3G products, in addition to the above several major products and services, there is no new products out. And as the company's controlling shareholder, Putian Group is currently in the layout of new energy and triple network integration business, but these are with Shanghai PUDays are not much of a relationship, most of which is to subcontract some business related to the company's main industry.  At present, the company or focus on the above main business, mainly relying on the background of major shareholders to do some government procurement projects. From the current situation, the Shanghai Putian's share price is only the concept of floating capital speculation. For the recent no major positive Shanghai Putian, relying on its own business development, and can not bring greater profit growth, and from the current situation, if the second half of Shanghai Putian failed to bring large business, after 2009, 2010 years after the turn of the year is likely to follow the 2008 mistakes, resulting in another loss.
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