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Just in the group chat, Mao Chai talked about to give up a few to expire the CN domain name of the topic, thus talked about the original application of these domain name when some basis, the result of these domain name behind the performance, Mao Chai tell everyone a garbage station to choose the domain name tips, or the person said is a trick.

These domain name policies were selected

Find a good development of the station, with his name to do the site, then the application of the domain name included in the keyword, as a station, the title also contains changes to keywords and related keywords, search engine, after the site rankings will be quite good, other people search the name of this station, you are ranked under his, So as long as the ranking stable, every day from the search to get some traffic.

Description of the points:

The key word is alphabetic or digital best: this is easier to apply to the relevant domain name. Some sites, the name of the site is Chinese characters, but the domain name is relatively easy to remember the letter combination or number, such a domain name to do the best keyword, if it is the site name, it is likely to be very long, not easy to remember, the search for relatively few people.

To give you a case, there was a station called 36900 Music Network, the site domain name is, a lot of people into this station is not the direct transmission domain name, but Baidu search "36900" or "" 08 at that time CN domain name is cheap, can apply to many contain 36900 the word CN domain name, for example,, and so on ... At that time, Mao Tsai applied for a similar domain name, the title written "36900 Music pop music Online Audition", made a gorgeous single page, above the song name, but did not listen to the link, and then put on the right position GG link ads and text ads, So that the Web page, in addition to advertising can be opened, other things are not open. Sent a little outside the chain, and then collected, and then is waiting to collect money. This kind of single page website GG ad Click rate is quite high, Mao Chai pages are generally 8% clicks.

Such sites are generally easier to get a good ranking: a little bit outside the chain, as long as included, will do the word than other sites ranking good, search engine on the weight of the domain name is very high, the domain name contains search keywords, certainly ranked high.

This kind of website general flow is not big: because the domain name limit, plus you do is the single page does not have the long tail flow, therefore this kind of website traffic also wants to see your key words index, but this kind of website manufacture is simple, is more suitable for the mass production. At the time of 08, Mao Chai had made twenty or thirty such sites, and at first each station had hundreds of thousands of traffic.

The flow of such sites is not long: because a single page site, so the ranking is not stable, about 2 3 months after the ranking is down, traffic is less. However, at that time, the executive force is not enough, clearly made a day to do a single page station plan, but did not follow the plan, did 30 or so, did not do, after a few months, to 09 7 August, most of the start no flow, those CN domain name began to lose, to 2010 years left 4 , 5 cn domain names because of frequent updates and traffic.

Now this 4, 5 CN domain name I have 301 jump to a website, but also ready to lose after expiration, CN domain name to do a single page of the era has finally passed. Now Mao Chai change strategy, adhere to the "stand less, stand big, stand strong" principle, in a domain name under the content station, and then use the way of directory to do the keyword, the energy are invested in a limited number of stations, when the site to do strong, the station below the keyword directory will get a good ranking oh, it is recommended that webmaster more use subdirectories, less with two domain names.

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