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has been thinking about a problem, how to improve the website members skilled, user stickiness? Plus and the little boy shoes chat, suddenly want to write something! The idea is a bit messy! Are some very immature ideas, it is really unexpected how to solve the problem, I would like to make some changes to the idea of reform! Welcome to see colleagues or industry friends to give some advice! Welcome to the Brick!

1, the comprehensive Forum station's prospect Ponder

①, now the local internet market has matured, the large-scale platform has basically carved up the market! No characteristics, not willing to invest money, it is difficult to rise ~

②, this is the time of the big shuffle, the impact of Weibo on the community is very powerful

③, what are the target user groups? Where are they distributed? What do we have to do to pull them over?

2. Our present situation

①, advantages: cooperation with the newspaper; the operating team is relatively stable

②, inferior: technical strength, marketing strength is weak; lax management

3. Is there a need for reform?

Personally feel that should, do market segments, vertical platform,

may be easier to grasp the target user base, and then use a series of products to seize the business's appetite!

Special professionals, if we do a professional website, will not be easier to pull merchants and users!

Of course, the premise is that we have to invest money to do a series of activities and publicity!

And for now, you can give up a forest for a tree!

Because we have not cut this tree, the knife has not been polished, this forest we do not have the strength to develop!

4, analysis of all local sites, market segmentation! Competitive Analysis!

What kind of Web site should I accept for reform?

①, a vertical class site with a specific target user base, not the current broad

②, this site needs to have content, there is depth (extensibility), the future to achieve more profitable aspects

Combined with the above considerations,

I think we should take a firm foothold in the market segment first! Then Vitalize!

Of course should not be the present, or in the unwieldy to take into account all the items!

The so-called focus is sustainable!

Market Segmentation Success Stories (site omitted to avoid being considered AD):

1, xxxx: Focus on children, focus on the mother group!

2, xxxx: Real Estate Vertical

3, xxxx: Focus on female groups

4, xxxx: Focus on pet lovers

What changes we can make:

1, the clear direction, carries on the revision, highlights the key point.

Our direction is to focus on the marriage group. (Personal thoughts)

How to make a revision? To Tianjin Mother Network for reference! Will marry as the main theme, highlighting features!

①, above said is the homepage revision

②, development of new products:

1 Attract business


2 The above list of merchants can be used for reference, also attract business


③, to set up a separate page for businesses (web1.0), rather than the current forum form, and then open the business in the full station Interactive authority!

2, Subdivision content

①, the present "Flower marries the shop" in the form of sub-board into "marriage theory"

②, under the "Marriage theory" to open a business name of the sub-board (naming fee)

Allow businesses to have their own independent pages on the basis of the forum to set up their own independent section! and its independent page for the common data, can be updated in real time!

Businesses can be in the independent section to carry out a series of promotion! can also be in other sections of its content to be posted to promote (paid certified merchant)!

Above need certain technical support!

The purpose of the above is: give the target user group what they need, give the merchant with enough VIP to enjoy!

Activity promotion and marketing, I'm not good at it! But the above reform can definitely let the market personnel have the capital to negotiate with the merchant! (after a certain foundation popularity)

At present can think of these! Humble opinion! Welcome to add!

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