Shi Yuzhu: Online games market is not short of money traditional enterprises to enter 99%

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Recent news, giant Network chairman and CEO Shi Yuzhu interviewed said, online games market is not short of money, so the traditional multi-gold enterprises into the field of success probability is very small, the traditional industry to enter the net, 100 inside to plant 99.9.  6th night, Shi Yuzhu attended the "Shi Yuzhu Time Auction Conference", Shi Yuzhu 3 hours time by a XI ' an mining enterprise cost 1.89 million yuan to buy.  Do online games, the probability of success is very low Shi Yuzhu said, the champion of the enterprise is not to enter the online games industry, and the company even do online games "no". Shi Yuzhu said that the online games industry has always been no shortage of money, "now a lot of real estate and other industries to enter the online game, but 100 do inside, the last to plant 99.9", the probability of success is very low.  "The country 1 days can out 3 new games, but do successful, 1 years also not come out 3". Old history of the emotional quotient: "I can also be very nagging" Shi Yuzhu thought 1.89 million yuan 3 hours "a little expensive", because "my time is actually not valuable." Shi Yuzhu said he spends more than 10 hours a day to play games, is wasting time.  So some people buy at high prices, they are worried about "sorry" buyers. However, in order to be very Wang, Shi Yuzhu said that although he did not speak, but "can also be very nagging."  Shi Yuzhu said "I will not speak of their own success," because "the experience of success is distorted, only the lessons of failure is valuable."  "Ma Yun must be more expensive than me" press conference on the founder of Wang revealed that Shi Yuzhu time auction is the site's first celebrity time auction case, there will be more celebrities in the future, the next will be Alibaba chairman Ma Yun. For the price of Ma Yun time, Shi Yuzhu smile said "Price is certainly higher than me, then I am very honored, because after dinner he pays". (Edit Zhang Xing)
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