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Hello everyone, I am easy to melt the net. Have done a period of time before the single page optimization, optimization skills can not be clever, but really feel the single page optimization needs of the skills are very much, especially for the main aspects of a few are particularly important. Here are six things to tell you about our need to optimize a few aspects.

1, important label optimization.

For the optimization of the label we mainly say title tags, keywords tags and description tags, of course, there are some other tag optimization, such as H1,H2 tag optimization, alt tag optimization. In a single page of these several labels are particularly important, this is to enhance the site keyword density and weight of the main positions.

A, the first of course is the title tag, whether the search engine or search engines first see the title of the site, because the geographical advantage of its weight of course has a considerable weight. Label optimization should be highlighted in the key words, and the key words not only to consider some hot words, but also to consider some long tail words, as well as the site's brand words, if the market is oriented to a regional, preferably plus region. In addition to fully consider the Baidu's word segmentation technology, a reasonable combination of the most cases are included in the.

B, followed by the keywords tag, although the keywords tag is now a search engine to reduce some weights, but as a measure of the main direction of the site is an important standard, write good can be more conducive to the search engine for our site evaluation. For the keyword label, it is recommended to use the keyword based on the difficulty of the choice of keywords, as to the order, but also recommended that we adopt the "difficult to easy" method.

C, again is the description tag. Description label is now more and more low weight, but for this piece is for users to see, so it seems very important, we are simply piling up some key words, or the intention to organize a section of the temptation to visit the site, I think we all know the choice. Of course, in organizing this section of the time must pay attention to natural reasonable as far as possible to all the keywords inserted into the inside, another can add a consultation telephone, give a person authority.

D, and finally other tags. Usually we make a single page, the main keyword must be concentrated in one or two, in addition to title tags, keywords tags and description tags, and then h1,h2 tags and alt tags, in these places as reasonable as possible the occurrence of keywords.

2. The rationality of the structure.

Single page is generally a simple static page, usually layout will be very simple, in addition to some of the columns should be, other should be as simple as possible. About navigation in fact, according to all the needs of optimization, as far as possible to arrange the key words as navigation columns. For the article page as far as possible to arrange recommended pages, hot articles and so on. Reasonable link structure is to enhance the weight of a site is a good aspect, but also give users the best experience.

3, the layout of the key words.

The front is done, in fact, for this need to do is not a lot of. Single page general text is not much, the key words appear in several big labels as well as the article title and the body, especially in the title, the keyword appears especially important, if use this to do long tail keyword, will bring a lot of traffic for the website. For the key words in the article must strive to naturally appear, to remember the strong twist of melon is not sweet, strong by the cow drink water may be a cow kicking injury. Don't think the search engine doesn't know what you think, don't take it as a fool. In addition, if you want to do the keyword is longer, then must pay attention to participle, word on Baidu ranking is very favorable, a small example, may not be good, but also can explain the meaning of white, for my company's website main keyword "Shanghai easy to melt net" can be divided into "in Shanghai, for personal small loans to easy to melt the net", This gives the search engine the feeling is that you are not intentionally imposes own keyword, also can achieve contains the keyword the effect. Here a very important place is to the site's main keywords do anchor text, bold color to emphasize to search engines and users are very good experience.

4, the density of keywords.

For a single page site, the density of keywords is particularly important, the higher the density of keywords, the weight of our site this keyword, as well as the image of the search engine will be deeper, the search engine in this keyword evaluation will be higher. There has been a lot of opinions on this issue, some people say that control in the 2%-8% the best, but some sites to 10% or so there is no big problem. If possible, we recommend that you as much as possible to increase the density of keywords, as for more high opinion of their grasp, generally for a major keyword, density can control the best in 5%-7%. If necessary, it can be improved.

5, the quality of the chain.

Outside the chain for a single page site is very important, a single page site in addition to a simple supplement to the content of other, you can only rely on the outside chain. I personally prefer to do outside the chain, because the chain to do is relative to a very simple thing, more than the headache of the content update, than the exchange of links, are more relaxed, many times we only need to do in the forum to sign, top posts can get a very good outside the chain, In addition, the question and answer platform is also very good outside the chain factory. As much as possible to some of the Web site hair outside the chain, but also as much as possible to the relevance of the higher places hair outside the chain. The quality of the chain for the promotion of the site is very good weight, but also we must do SEO.

6. Spirit and action.

The most important thing in single page optimization is patience and observation. Think about it, just as simple as a static page, the search engine does not give you rank is very normal, wait until there is a certain ranking, often to observe the previous ranking changes, slowly adjust their keywords density and layout. If the word does not go, do not worry, put it there, to do other keywords single page. In addition, to do a single page optimization needs us in the spirit of some of the insistence, SEO depends on the perseverance, good SEO is absolutely patience and perseverance of the people. In addition, do SEO more rely on executive power, many people are not their own ideas, not their own will not, just because the execution is too bad, so you will lag behind, so your action slow people one step.

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