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Today, a customer asked me: My site (not convenient to disclose sites, home decoration industry) one months into 2,500 IP, why 30 phone is not AH. I looked at his website and said some of my own ideas over the phone, and here's a quick summary:

1, the amount of consultation is more or not this depends on your keyword relevance, landing page and other related decisions, access to your site if the user is not related to your business, point in the closed, will certainly not call, and from the other side of the homepage of the key words set not to look, and business key words come in very few, in addition, These 2,500 traffic, I don't know where to come from, is not all search over, or from other unrelated places come over, there is, if the regional strong industry, such as you are Guangzhou, but the flow from other provinces and cities come, naturally will not consult, and this kind of traffic too much, Instead of the site behind the search engine to promote disadvantage (a come in on the turn off, the page is too small, search engine think your content and user experience is not good, will reduce points) our own website, monthly also about 1300 of the IP, but the consultation volume, including the average number of calls in 150.

2, the site displayed in the case appears to be tall, products are very high-end, so that the general customer Shing, unless only to do high-end market, otherwise the content needs to be normalized, this kind of customer is less, to find cooperation on the Internet less, is not the site positioning problem Ah, you know, decoration industry competition is very fierce , if the location is wrong, the operation of the company is a big trouble, I actually like to locate the word, with an old saying, is equal to each other, your products and services to meet your user group's psychology and feelings, needs to have greater cooperation space.

3, the user experience good bad, open this station first eye feeling, do not know this is what station, do what. Into this station there is a sense of not finding the north, the text is a transparent background, customer's website is really very cool, with a lot of JQ technology, but I have a few points on the home page, are not point, is not the reason IE version is not high enough, so I know the network people do not know how to do, not to mention your customers, At this time I actually want to close the station to go, I really am I do not have the patience to look down. Another picture too large, the overall site pictures occupy half, open the site too slow, the user jumped rate estimate is very high. The word flashy is especially appropriate for this website.

4, the contact is very small very art, I can not find the first time, this website online QQ have no, must telephone contact, some customers prefer online chat. Where the logo should be placed, but put a message this, really want to find you no one in the above message, there are browsing habits, although customers have branches in Hong Kong, but there is no need to the Hong Kong site of the kind of interface to move over, will be the navigation listed on the left side of the people are not accustomed to.

5, because the customer did not give detailed analysis of the Web site data, I do not know the customer 2,500 IP, how many PV, the customer in which page is closed the station, how much time to stay, browse the pages and so on, these data are not, no way deeper in-depth understanding.

My solution is (because of the time problem, I can't tell you how to do it in detail):

1, to determine the site positioning, the target keyword focus on streamlining, now the customer's website set up more than 10 business key words, do not know which business to do, too greedy, it is clear that the positioning is not right.

2, the user experience is really very poor, I recommend the customer revision, before the revision of the reference listed under the decoration Company-Golden Mantis. Others can do the listing, the site must be worth reference.

User experience Finally, whether you want to do a website or want to make a website revision, before looking for a website construction company, you should consider a question first: positioning, where your users are, where you stand on their side, what you want to see on your site, what business key words you need, and then organize that content, For example, a moving quotation network is positioning Beijing moving company Yellow Pages information, need to move Beijing residents. In addition, as for the website interface, it seems that some customers with me, some website construction companies from the site and the case is poor, really do not have the confidence to find them to build a station, but some customers also said to me, some Web site construction company's own website has done too high-end, and cases are big brands, tall, looking at their own budget, In fact, even the idea of telephone counseling is gone, the right is the best.

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