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SEO Search engine technology in the domestic development has been a leap in the development, in fact, SEO search from the technical level, the most common practice, is the following several points.

1, links, this is the basic principle of website optimization, regardless of that search engine, the main you will go to do more external links, your site is sure to be the search engine attention.

2, content, this is a very simple thing, but some people for convenience often even this basic things can not be done.

A, the title is the search engine to identify your Web site, because the things you think you want to plug in the title is always right, but do not all the headings are too similar, should be for your desired keywords according to different columns to optimize.

b, the article page content as far as possible with the left-right style of typesetting (content in the left, other things in the right-hand), or with CSS typesetting.

C, the uniqueness of the page, must add description (Google General priority with description, Baidu and other habits are all automatic summary), other pages, can add keywords as far as possible plus.

D, the appropriate increase in the face of the keyword, this is for your site's user base, but not out of nothing, preferably in the content page, looks very "natural" increase.

E, document list pages as concise as possible, for personal webmaster, often like to generate a static list of all the pages, this approach, if the page is not handled well, your site will appear a large number of similar pages, optimization can adhere to the following principles: A site should have similar cover template page to chain all columns; The second is the list on the top of the navigation bar to be as concise as possible; third, if you want to use those what this column of hot articles and so on, put it on the right or underneath.

F, on what the title bold, and so on, my advice is not deliberately to create, because too deliberately to do things, is often your site was blocked root.


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