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Speaking of information, big to the world, small to every company, business, or even a family and from, information is our homework and day contact the most important factor. Although the skills of search engines have been getting more and more preemptive over the years, the search for information on the Internet, whether successful or not, still has a big question. The use of search engine people have such a feeling: Sometimes the branch can not find the role you want, on the contrary, some time to search out the role of millions do not need. In fact, the second role is the most troublesome and most difficult to dispose of.   Small head Auction assistant through the classification of information to the website to promote what is supposed to be from this millions search function to find from a real need of information, like a needle in the sea. & ">nbsp; Fortunately, the Internet is constantly dealing with the question of redundancy of information. But surprisingly, most people still can't pinpoint the search engine's keywords.    Because there is no excellent content structure, we can't quickly find the precise, the information we need, or even the root of it, and what's worse, maybe we've found just a pile of things we don't need, but we're still picking it up in the trash.   Now, after we continue to study and open the Internet, the use of taxonomy to create a new network information transmission vector-classified information network. Classified information is also called classified advertising, just as we look for recruitment information in the Press, rental information, tour information, discount promotional ads, which is the information we refer to the classification of information.    In the information society, classified information is gradually popular with us.   Network classification information of the muster, very satisfactory disposal of a lot of inconvenience when the important question. Classified Information network is not only large, more timely, and will not throw away, but also more important is: It uses search engines, to find more aspects, more convenient!    The presentation of classified information network is very good to help us dispose of clothing, food, housing, line, entertainment, emotion, education, homework, business and other days and operations of all aspects of the questions encountered, but also for our work days injected fresh vitality, and constantly lead the modern New Day transformation!   Classified Information network provides users with a variety of full, real, detailed information efficiency, so that we really appreciate its value address. such as Heilongjiang Information Network, it will be divided into users from users and corporate users, registered members have to verify the mobile phone, human trial members, from the root of the eradication of duplication, hypocrisy and illegal information, time to provide users with clean, real, fresh information. Together netizens can use the comment function to monitor the reality of information. In such a free, centering, convenient path, so that people rent houses, second-hand trading, carpool, domestic efficiency and so on these days of "chores" moved to each otherNetworked up to dispose of.
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