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Small Shenyang (data picture) Many celebrities have suffered from the "endorsement" of the trouble. Recently this trouble fell on the head of "small Shenyang", and by his "endorsement" is a condom products.  Mr. Liu, an official spokesman for the Mountain Media Group, said that they were not aware of the ins and outs of the incident, and that they had to investigate the details before they could respond.  Readers: small Shenyang "endorsement" Condom recently, a reader was surprised to find that a network of the condom is the name of the condom is "small Shenyang." According to the information provided by readers, the reporter login to a health care products merchants Network "small Shenyang series of condoms" Web page.  A series of nominal content on the webpage shows that the product name is "small Shenyang series of condoms", the manufacturer is "Shandong XX Latex Technology Co., Ltd.".  In addition, the webpage is also equipped with product photos, packaging on the printed cartoons, and small Shenyang in the sketch "Not bad Money" in the "Scottish" image is very similar. Reporter survey: manufacturers "OEM" production of condoms this is a prank, or does this product?  is the unit involved in investment information real?  Reporter Login State food and Drug Administration website, in medical device information, found in Shandong XX Latex Technology Co., Ltd., its product name is "natural latex rubber condoms", there is a registration number, which means that the company does exist, is a legitimate condom production enterprises.  At noon, the reporter for the advisory agent matters, contact the company sales Director, the other side admits that "small Shenyang" series of condoms are indeed produced by the factory, but not their own brand, they are just OEM processing, related matters by the OEM responsible. Enterprise statement: Has registered "Small Shenyang" trademark reporter login to the company's website, found the February 17, 2011 released two on the "small Shenyang" condom investment information, contact person Wang. For the use of small Shenyang cartoon image will be a question of infringement, Wang said, cartoon animation image does not exist infringement, and they have registered the "small Shenyang" trademark.  Then the reporter in the State Administration of industry and Commerce on the website, "small Shenyang" three words are indeed on May 14, 2009 to apply for registration, the registered commodity service categories, including uterine caps, condoms and other products, the applicant column is the name of the king, but the remarks column clearly stated: "The trademark has been invalid. Lawyer said: Whether the infringement is controversial so, condom use small Shenyang image, in the end there is no infringement? "This mainly involves the right of portrait and name, but whether there is a dispute over infringement." "Hubei Chen lawyer said, although one sees the cartoon everybody realizes is who, but the portrait should aim at the concrete external image, the other party did not use the small Shenyang oneself real portrait, in the law and regulations is not good to define."  As for the title, the use of a stage name rather than my real name, also played a "edge". Although the infringement is controversial, it is not no problem. Chen said that, if the trademark has been invalid, the product also continued to use the trademark for production and sales, violating the trademarkThe relevant provisions of law may be dealt with by the competent administrative department of Industry and Commerce. The mountain media: This will be investigated yesterday afternoon, reporters on this matter to call Uncle Media Group art director Liu Jiping. As the official spokesman of the Shan Media group, Mr. Liu said that they were not aware of the ins and outs of the incident, and that they had to investigate the details before they could respond.  Mr. Liu stressed that they will take this matter seriously, hope that the media do not hype. It is understood that this is not the first family planning products to stare at the northeast Errenzhuan culture. Earlier, there have been businesses to rush to "Errenzhuan" for the family planning supplies trademarks. Zhao Benshan in the media interview, Attitude is very indignant: "Too bad!" The national culture is inviolable! "Jing Chu
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