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Due to the impact of the financial crisis, some of the domestic web site construction class, design type of small and medium-sized enterprises and business volume seriously shrinking, and some companies for three consecutive months without an order to the company's survival brought serious test. Because many enterprises also adopt the traditional salesman + technology operation mode, so that the operating costs of enterprises are not high, and business growth results very little.

Some small and medium-sized enterprises have begun to realize the serious problem of this model, transformation into the Granville Guest website, through the power of the network to seek the growth of orders, achieved good results.

Zhejiang Compulsory branch Granville Network Co., Ltd. since August 2008, due to the impact of the market environment, Yiwu 30% of logistics companies have difficulties in operation, the company's business suddenly less than 60%. The head of the company told the author, that time is very difficult, from August to November, in order to pull business investment more than 100,000, but the cost is not return.

Later one day, after a friend introduced, the person in charge began to pig online when a Wei guest, from the most basic website construction business. "Because we have a strong, so the winning record is good, plus we used to have a huge library of works, many customers also trust us." So we pig on the side of popularity, take the list, and now on the pig nearly received 40 list, finally resolved the business growth problem, let the company back to the dead. ”

Now the Pig Eight precepts launched the tender task, also suits us this kind of company. See Pig Network launched Gold Member service, compared to the ordinary members of the free service, found that the gold Member services, whether from the number of bids, bids after the winning opportunity, indeed more than ordinary members, I can see the contact of customers, but also the work of my space to customers see, these are ordinary members do not have. "In combination, the winning rate and the rate of acceptance are greatly improved." ”

March, the company took 4 more than 10,000 orders, has been busy enough, there are new orders have been unable to pick up, only the next completion of the answer.

March 31, Chongqing 3X Brand Design Studio 20 yuan in the Pig network to upgrade to Gold members, the reason is very simple, want to pass the network orders, to seek business sources. This studio has 3 people, usually everyone to do their own, with the business to do together. But the company staff told the author, has been a long time no business, in the "bricks situation." The Gold Membership service is very suitable for our studio, so we want to seek business growth in this way.

In addition to the above two, Beijing logo design studio, Zhejiang Yongkang graphic design studio also joined the ranks of gold members. Data show that there are already from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Hong Kong and many other sites, design companies, advertising companies, studios and Soho family, see the model for the company's business benefits, have joined the ranks of Gold member services, through the network of ways to break through the business growth.

Pig Network Talent Division manager told the author, at present, the number of gold members of the website growth is very fast, these companies are looking at the customer site is Granville Guest Group, hoping to find more business through the Granville platform. As more enterprises outsource business to the Granville site, for the target side, relying on the platform to find business will be a trend in the future.

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