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With the rise of social networking platforms such as micro-blogging, >facebook, and Twitter, people are increasingly diversifying their online communications. However, I do not know if you have noticed one thing, regardless of which social networking platform to register, you need to fill out an email address, and use this email address to authenticate. The reason is that although everyone chooses different communication media, e-mail is the only one that has a common medium.
A few years ago, once the world's most popular network of people to encounter the emergence of micro-bo, immediately ko off, now disappear without a trace. It is hard to predict which new medium will replace Weibo in a few years. But e-mail is not the same, because of various reasons, which new media or already popular media can not completely replace the e-mail.
In our working environment, e-mail addresses the privacy and professionalism unmatched by social networking, and we don't need to be friends with each other's network, just to provide the information that we want to share with them. e-Mail one-on-one communication provides users with a certain degree of privacy, and the inbox is like an "electronic folder" that can manage tasks and meeting content. E-Mail has a unique advantage that determines its irreplaceable position as a social platform. In fact, we have seen a lot of examples, such as your online resume, have you ever tried recruiting units will ask you to send the recruitment information to micro-blog or qq it? Registration of a site need to verify, have you ever tried to micro-blog verification or QQ verification? e-mail, has not only a simple two-way communication tool. A valid email address is as important as a passport or driver's license. If you need to sign up for an online service or product, you need a valid email address to authenticate. Obviously, any social media lacks standardization and does not have this function.
Since e-mail offers privacy and professionalism unmatched by social networks, it is more convenient and professional to have an enterprise mailbox in an enterprise. Enterprise mailbox refers to the enterprise registration of the domain name suffix of the e-mail address, its biggest feature is to display their own brand image, in a better management of internal communication problems. According to the author from the domestic famous enterprise post office service provider era Interconnection ( to understand that the era of the first launch of the Internet DIY Enterprise Post Office, Enterprise mailbox type, custom years, capacity size and room types are for users to choose freely, fill in the blank of the custom enterprise Post Office. And The Times cloud mail order to buy a year to send a season, now apply for a free trial for 3 days, such preferential activities by the user's favorite and welcome.
Social media may have become an important communication option in our daily lives, but in the business cycleIn the environment, e-mail, especially the Enterprise e-mail, for customers and internal staff to provide a convenient hub for people to unify the local management of communications, this powerful function and professionalism is the current social media platform can not meet, can not be replaced.

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