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I don't have a very good theme. Refining a clear theme, can not be a news effect, not enough to impress the reader. This requires, on the one hand, the enterprise's top leaders dare to express the views of the enterprise, dare to formulate the views of the industry, dare to take action; On the other hand, the soft writer should be good at refining the theme, timely discovery of news clues, horizontal strengthening and other departments of the company, and actively report For example, I have seen a soft article, named because of "money", I love him. Let's not say the content of the article, see such a title, we will be adjusted to see the appetite.

Second, the title, the beginning is not wonderful. The saying goes: The article is half the head. For shorter news stories, the title + 70% of success is the beginning, indeed. In the beginning of the article, readers should be attracted in a simple and clear way. But this little headline, which is written with a great deal of learning, I will continue to discuss later in this article.

Third, the method is obscure, the statement is not smooth. It is difficult to lift the reader's "appetite".

Four, there are many features, but no bright spots. The entire article is like "chronological", put some words to accumulate, and thought the longer the better, but let the reader unintelligible. In fact, this is the basic skills of writing not solid performance. Early in elementary school, the teacher told us that the article should have central idea. When writing soft text, pay particular attention to this point. We write the news, not the long report, so the most urgent task is to find out the highlights of many features, so that readers accept, leave an impression. You can say that, you put 10 features are all, as a highlight of a bright spot. If you can find a number of features can be written in a number of soft text, to carry out Multi-angle reports, will receive better results.

Five, the content is empty, is full of boast, empty talk. Some people write soft wen, like to use some of the language to find irrelevant, the soft text equivalent to "bragging", the reader equates to the audience. There are also different places to write articles and conversations. When talking face-to-face, if the words are full of big talk, very "bullish" "professional vocabulary", "popular vocabulary", although others listen to hard, but due to face, you have to continue to listen to, but if the reader read an article of this style, it will be thrown aside. This is a different place to talk and write articles. There is a common place between the two, which can cause resentment. The soft wen completely when bragging, is a fool to the reader, the enterprise issued such a soft text also did not achieve the corresponding effect. True to achieve good results, soft wen is to communicate with readers in an equal communication, respect for readers, so that readers have access to relevant knowledge and information of the sense of achievement. This is the high level of writing soft text.

Six, can not properly grasp the length of the soft text. Long, good? In fact, there is no need for the author of soft paper to blindly pursue the length of the article. Long and good, can write things clearly, in-depth, and repeatedly stressed will deepen the impression of the reader; The question is, can you make sure that everyone else has finished reading?

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