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Do the station need to use the domain name presumably you know, and Sha today in this to talk is the webmaster in the purchase of domain name need to pay attention to some matters, if you are just stepping into the internet this circle of the new owners may wish to see, I believe the following points of attention will help more or less webmaster

1 before purchasing a domain name, it is best to go to Baidu to search for the relevant information of this domain name to see if anyone has used or been punished!

Webmaster Buy this domain name must go to Baidu or Google search under the domain name of the relevant information, see if this domain name has ever been used by other webmaster, if there is a webmaster used, then the domain name is not also been punished by Baidu, such as have not been k off or pull into the sandbox records, if any, Webmaster can not choose this domain name is best not to choose, because the domain name is punished by Baidu compared to other than those who have not been punished by Baidu domain name is more likely to be punished by Baidu again!

2 Owners in the purchase of domain names should be carefully selected domain name registration agencies, as well as the domain name transfer or transfer out of the convenience!

Webmaster in the purchase of domain name when it is best to carefully select a registered institution, such as the new network domain name business sand is not recommended, because the domain name that you register in it wants to transfer or transfer out not only to send a lot of information, at the same time will also ask you to ask for "500 block of handling fee" (now heard to have canceled this so-called "handling fee", But the fact is not to cancel the sand but not to verify it!

In addition, in this sand to the high webmaster people recommend a few transfer or transfer out of the more convenient domain name, such as Love name network, Amber Net, and easy to name with rich net ... These domain name registration institutions not only transfer out of convenience, will not accept any of your "handling fee", so the webmaster can be assured of the registration use!

3 webmaster can not be greedy for petty, only to save a few dollars on the choice of those unknown space business!

There are often some space merchants in the name of "activities" to organize some of the lower order activities, if it is well-known space domain name business also forget, but is afraid of those who are not well-known, or do not know is a few levels of agent hosting activities, because you are in the purchase time is very cheap, but to the next year renewals, You will find that the domain renewals will be increased by several times than usual, then you want to turn out and no way, because those domain name business root will not easily let you go out, want to give up but feel pity!

4 personal webmaster Best not to buy such as CN this is not a stable domain name, otherwise it is easy to be and!

In order to avoid the trouble that our personal stationmaster will appear later, we webmaster in the choice of domain name suffix is best to omit the C like is n such a less stable suffix domain name, because we do not know what will change the policy, more do not know that after we have no control over the domain name, therefore, stationmaster if not what enterprise, Or have a choice, can not choose the CN class domain name is best not to choose!

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