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See the music brother in Point Stone Bowen, how many feelings, with these years to learn to practice the course of SEO, but also to novice learning SEO put forward a few questions.

First question: In SEO matters, please keep your politeness.

China has been claiming to be a state of etiquette since ancient times, but it seems that the society as Guo said, "Hello, sorry, thank you" These are the most common words to write on the paper hanging on the wall to teach everyone that the same SEO also, sometimes I will encounter some novice to ask me questions, such as: " Please help me to analyze my site why not go? "," Can you tell me what tutorials or books? And so on, a lot of the time, I've been having a lot of things to do. There are some words of abuse or irony, but more often, I get worse responses when I answer them.

For example, when I answer the first question I often say: I have a lot of things in hand I have no time to analyze your site, sorry. This time often will receive the reply mostly is: what great, said oneself very busy appearance, is not wants the money, does not have the money to you and so on such reply. In fact, I heard this sentence often after a thing: I owe you anything? Didn't you? So I'm not telling you the law? It's not illegal, is it? Don't say you don't pay, even if you give me the money I have to see if I have time for your money, right?

Many times the so-called SEO master is not bleak, most of the time SEO master is not unwilling to answer your questions, but at least you have to be polite, this time he may not answer your questions, as long as you maintain a polite attitude, and the next time to ask the opportunity, a sarcastic remark will not do you any good.

Second question: No matter how many temptations you have, keep in mind that it's not yours unless you really know God.

Most people like to take shortcuts, copy trails, think that the grapevine is true, reliable or even decisive, that the master has a few unknown secrets, as long as mastered this secret will become a master.

I do not want to use SEO to cite the example, because the blood lesson is too much, in the stock: Because the people who go bankrupt is far more than because of the grapevine rich people. If you think you're a very small part of people who get rich from gossip, please read this article to buy a lottery ticket, if the first prize, you do not have to do SEO, if any awards are not, then please do the SEO, because you do not belong to a small number of people.

Third question: Please look at your competitor with approval

See a website ranking in front of you, please see more of his advantages. Hatred only closes your mind, affects your judgment, and narrows your horizons. Try to evaluate a competitor's website with approval and you will learn more.

Fourth question: Please do not use illegal or edge of the content to start your SEO study trip

Illegal and grazing content 8630.html "> sometimes brings a lot of revenue, but that's not the ideal starting point for learning seo." A side-ball or illegal content itself is a search engine rejected objects, such sites will often be blocked, and because of the means used by your competitors, it is easy to lead you astray.

Question Fifth: Keep your ability to think independently

What a master says may be true, but not necessarily true. Any master can not fully understand the search engine algorithm, to maintain their own independent thinking ability and clear mind is the focus of learning SEO, lost the ability to think independently of the SEO will not learn, but only to imitate.

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