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Helpless, had just seen the forum of a cow-man, I admire, reply a word, less than 20 words, since brought 4 URLs, this water irrigation level is really high, see this comment, a little touch, also has the point inspiration, outside the chain, can say is the website communication relations, the website needs to grow, formidable. No outside chain is more difficult to do. The way to do outside the chain is a multi style, here do not talk about other outside the chain, the first to say that the forum outside the chain should not do. What should I do?

Almost now the forum, are relatively strict, rarely said can be casually posted site, the only thing that can be done is the signature, of course, many sites are restricted level, and again is old but the submission, write articles, you can bring a link, so are allowed, if the excessive operation, management into will be punished, heavy delete account , the light deduction points, the prohibition for a period of time.

High-quality outside the chain is more difficult to obtain, but can do most of course, most people will choose forum, not so boring, you can irrigation:

Point one: The forum signature outside the chain, the effect of the signature for the time being, although Baidu is now the forum signature of the weight of the downgrade, but there is always better than no, but the need to pay attention to is the persistence of the chain, the forum outside the chain relative to the blog outside the chain is not so stable, can be a large number of increase can also be a large number of reduction, is a loss to the website.

Analysis: Reasonable arrangement of the forum of irrigation time, to avoid the number of chain increase significantly, the diversification of the chain.

Point two: replies need to pay attention to what, we all know, replies with the signature, take the bare chain, that is, increased the related domain of Baidu, which also led to the birth of the chain of garbage.

Analysis: For some of the garbage stickers do not need to reply, although said also increased the relevant domain, the advantages must have disadvantages, in order to avoid this, you can return some articles posted, more than three pages of unnecessary replies, Baidu will not carry out in-depth crawl.

Point three: Replies directly with the Web site, this can not do it?

Parsing: For this practice, a lot of people will hate, that is, pollution of the Forum's neat, also produced a vicious chain, there is no need to do so, the answer, of course, or escape the management of the Kill, the account was deleted, then you do the outside chain is futile, harmful to the ego.

The above several, is I to the forum signature some understanding. Original "" reprint please specify.

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