Spicy mom helped get 20 million dollars investment domain name is so "spicy"

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Easy name China (ename.cn) July 4, "Spicy Mom help" is the largest mother social platform, a few days ago to get 20 million dollars in the B-round investment, occupy the industry's absolute leading position, the hot Mom help platform to enable the domain name lmbang.com online.

Spicy MOM Help

"Spicy MOM Help" was established in May 2012, users can use the mobile phone, ipad,web, etc., to pictures, text, voice and other ways to share the exchange of childcare, slimming, emotional, food and other topics, up to now, download the user breakthrough 25 million, with more than 15 million registered users.

"Spicy mom Help" domain name lmbang.com registered in March 2012, the letter "LM" is "spicy mom" Pinyin first write letters, "bang" is "help" pinyin. In addition to the combination of domain name, "spicy mom help" of the entire spelling domain name lamabang.com, has also set up a hot mom to help the relevant website.

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