Start a family or start a career? High-paying white-collar marriage

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"Single is very good Ah, in Beijing have a car have a friend, also not necessarily have to find a man to take care of me." "Singles Day is approaching, 35-year-old single female Ms. Yang is very calm, as a company's president assistant, Ms. Yang's monthly salary reached 300,000, from her words, nothing is" left "meaning. Grand Popular? married improperly? Do you want to start a family or start a career? The results are less pessimistic, with nearly 90% of the highly-paid people generally considered successful "stripped off" to become married people, according to a survey conducted by job hunting nets. Only 10% of the high-paying families are left: there are more men than female. It is understood that the job hunting network This investigation is aimed at its station "middle and high-end talent marital status" launched research, research objects for more than the manager level, annual salary of more than 100,000 yuan in senior positions, including hundreds of thousands of annual salary or even millions of of high-end talent. The survey found that among these highly-paid people, the proportion of married people was nearly 90%, to 84.61%, and unmarried accounted for only 15.39%. And the general impression that "leftover women" will be more different is that single men become the main force of single earners with high salaries, accounting for 64.49%, and 35.51% for single females. The same is the case for single people with high salaries. The survey showed that the average age of single men was about 27 years, and that women were 26 years old. It can be seen from this age structure that some 25-year-old youth elites are only temporarily in the state of being single, not "left". Other older people become the standard "left-man", "leftover", of which, the highest monthly salary of a male bachelor is a 38-year-old real Estate finance Manager, his monthly salary reached 840,000, the highest monthly salary of the female bachelor is a 40-Year-old vice-president, her monthly salary of 400,000. And the oldest high salary "left male", more than 61 years old, the oldest "leftover" has also been 50 years old. Experts tell that the high demand from work, family, society and themselves for the other half of the 25-35-year-old single woman faces greater marital pressure than men of the same age. In terms of age and economic conditions, highly paid families have the conditions of marriage, although there are also millions of single people, but the single only in fact accounted for a small number of job hunting Network survey can confirm this view. Work, or marriage? According to the survey, busy work, strong personality, high vision, is the cause of many highly paid people are left the main reason, at the same time, but also a part of the beginning of the article like Ms. Yang, because like the initiative to pursue a single lifestyle. Mr. Lin, a 36-Year-old editorial director of a magazine, is still single, he admits that when he was young, he put too much energy into his work, which led to his being "left" today: "When I was just at work, I spent almost all my time at work, thinking about what I was doing first, and I broke up with my girlfriend." Later, the cause of the results, but no longer meet the appropriate, so can only single. "Ms. Li, 32, is too high for her eyes to find the right other half:" I'm probably what people say.Bones ' bar (white-collar, backbone, elite), from entering the workplace I was the unit's elite, so the other half of the request is particularly high, the results found that more than I earn a lot of men, than I have a high IQ of men, not more than I see a wide range of men, you say I not only who alone? "As a headhunter and a matchmaker," I am both a headhunter and a ' matchmaker ', and I am concerned about their personal problems at the same time as I am interested in the work of the candidates who have communicated with me very well. Talking about his role, a senior headhunter of the job hunting network Mr. Zhang such ridicule. He said that because of the understanding of the candidate's work, so the success rate is relatively high. Mr Zhang says that work will more or less affect marriage, such as the most common environment in which it is difficult to produce love. For example, business trips, change of workplace, etc., make it difficult for many people who are busy working to find suitable objects. The same circle is also very important, which determines the interests of both sides, the actual conditions of the match. "Of course, in terms of the high-end people we are exposed to, most of the work and marital life, in a way, can be said that the level of salary and family happiness is proportional." Dako Bin, founder and CEO of the job hunting network, also said that good people are not only successful in their careers, but also that families should be properly cared for. I have always advocated the company staff to solve personal problems as soon as possible, good and harmonious treatment of the relationship between work and family. The fact that nearly 90% highly-paid people are married shows that work and marriage are not two sides of a coin and can be mutually reinforcing. The success of the workplace can provide the economic foundation for the happiness of the family, and the happy marriage can provide the impetus for the work. On the job Network: Hunting network, is the most professional high-end talent community recruitment site, with its innovative product model and unique service model, for enterprises, headhunters and career elites to create a high-end talent interactive recruitment platform. Tens of thousands of professional headhunting consultants to bridge the business and job seekers, speed up the recruitment process, recommend high-paying jobs for the career elite, and plan career development. 16 privacy protection to avoid job seekers risk, millions of high-end elite member library, to help enterprise development needs.
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